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Beecham’s Press
M-6, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001
Phone: 011 23415169/8802290000

Khurana Brothers
R51, Ist Floor, Main Vikas Marg, Near
Manglam Bldg,Delhi-110092
Phone: 011 32438632/9311116642

Khurana Brothers
Ug-7D, Jaina Tower-1,Near Satyam District
Phone: 011 32438627/9873000022

Prominence Informatics
Prominence Services, H-2, GF, Lajpat Nagar –
I, Krishna Market, Opp. Gurudwara, New Delhi – 110024
Phone: 011 41720707

Redington India
B-32, First Floor,Lajpat Nagar Ii (Near
Lajpat Nagar Metro Station),New Delhi 110024
Phone: 011 32222584


BlackBerry India Customer Care
Airtel: 7070 (BlackBerry toll free) & 98714 27070 (from any phone)
Vodafone: 98 (BlackBerry toll free) & 98200 98200 (from any phone)
Reliance Mobile: *363 (BlackBerry toll free) & 30336363 (from any phone)
Tata Teleservices: 121 (Postpaid) & 12524 (Prepaid)

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  1. Mohit Garg Reply

    Blackberry is one of the worst phone that i have ever used. i actualy purchased blackberry curve 9320 its few days old now and its started to hang and when i get any incoming call it doesnt unlock have to remove battery to restart.

    micromax phones are much better than blackberrys

  2. amit Reply

    I have purchased blackberry 9220 around 4 months back… I am facing problem in using Watsapp application… I dont know why but my phone hangs around 15 times a day.. All I have to do is take out the battery and restart it again… Hating this blackberry. I swear I will not advice anybody to go for blackberry now… Seriously disappointed with this company and their services..!!
    Please bring an update of applications on App World !
    Thank you !

  3. kartikeya Reply

    Buying a blackberry phone is such a big mistake I have done. I bought phone on July 2012, now the phone is not working… software deleted. I contacted customer care but they give me some other number. People have directed me from one to another person. No solution though.

  4. Mohd Aamir Reply

    I purchased blackberry curve 9820 and it worked fine for 2-3 months. From the past 2 months my phone is getting switched off and i have to take out the battery to switch the phone on. I visited your service centre at Lajpat Nagar and they updated the software and it started working fine for once week only. Form the past few days again I am facing the same issue, in fact i am not able to use my phone. I need the permanent solution for this..

  5. Srikumar Reply

    Frankly, I think Blackberry continues to survive in India only because most of us avoid any confrontation or litigation with their likes. Our courts, too, are slow and unreliable. Cheats get away by selling products that would not last even a few days in any developed country.
    The keypad of my Blackberry Curve 8520 which I purchased in April 2012 stopped functioning sometime in September 2012. When I took it to the Lajpat Ngr Service centre they charged Rs.220/- to tell me that they couldn’t repair it, because the set had suffered ‘water damage’. When I tried again they provided me with some hazy photographs which they claim shows ‘liquid damage’. Hence, the handset is beyond repair and all I can do is to pay 80% of m.r.p +22.36% tax for which they will provide me with a new handset. Incidentally the handset has not been dropped into a toilet bowl or fallen into a river/ sea or been washed in running or standing water or any other liquid. My questions to Blackberry are:-
    1.Why do you market handsets in India which cannot withstand moisture (since we have a 4-month monsoon)?
    2.Why do you charge money to tell people that you cannot help them?
    3.Don’t you believe in ‘repeat’ customers?
    4.Are you doing business in India only because you think Indians are ‘tolerant’ and any crooked businessman or terrorist can get away with anything here?

    As for my suffering fellow blackberry dupes, I have this to say. Please organize and oppose such unilateral, dishonest, uncaring businessmen. Also, will someone start and promote a ‘why you should not buy a Blackberry’ facebook page?

  6. Manoj Reply

    Deviating from Nokia, first time I bought blackberry 8520 handset owing to reputation of company. The set started giving problem with `del’ and `a’ buttons of the keypad. It’s under warranty and when I approached the service centre at Pitampura, they asked me to leave the set for 15 days. I was refused any possibility of standby handset for this duration. There were other complainants too who had been suffering similar problems and had come thrice for getting back the set/ getting attended other type of problem emerged during previous repairs. They advised me to better contact private service centres who will attend it immediately as here I will be repenting for giving the set for repairs. I was shocked to see the image people are carrying about the Blackberry service centres. Can there be some respite to customers’ problems like that of mine by either providing on-the-spot solution for minor problems for which other private service centres can provide hand-to-hand solution or Blackberry-the big name, should come forth by giving back some handset for the repair duration if it takes longer time for repair to enable us avoid any suffering during repair duration. Manoj

  7. vineet mehrotra Reply

    I have purchased 9220 BB 3 months back ,since last 2 months i am facing problem of phone hanging, i visited pitampura service center.. they have taken the cell phone & said it will come after 20 days, after 20 days when i got my cell phone,the red button stopped working. again i have deposited my cell phone to same center, now i am waiting to get it back.. 15 days gone, i am using another nokia phone in which i don’t have any data.. this is the first time i have purchased
    another brand instead of nokia & the result is what i am facing since last 1 month.


    I am using curve 8520 for last one year. Its been some time know that I am facing the problem with the trackpad.. I had given my phone for repair at blackberry service centre- Active Telecom ,
    pritampura to do the needful… But instead they were just making customer fool by refreshing the software. When I insisted my problem to them they gave me the jodsheet saying it will take 15-20 days for this.. I mean Come on How can one be without the phone for 20days..I Request B.B. to pls look into the matter and get my phone isuue resolve quickly.. My job no is – IN/856 contact me on 9810428280.

  9. Kanav Singh Reply

    I went all the way to Lajpat Nagar from Pitampura because the blackberry service center people hadn’t been picking up my call which costed me money and my time.

    Even when i reached the service center ,i tried to inquire about the cell phone from a lady working there as i had been waiting there for my cellphone for whole one hour and no one replied.

    Firstly she misbehaved in front of other customers and then the manager and other employees working there didn’t respond well , made me wait more and more.
    Then they said that i had to come tomorrow again for the cell phone from Pitampura after making me wait there for 30-40 minutes for no reason…It took them whole day to respond to my inquiry

    It lead to my health problem ,loss of money,insult,mental stress and humilation..
    It clearly shows how careless, arrogant and rude they are.

    • Avdesh Sharma Reply

      Really shocking to hear your experience. I think you should go to consumer forum and report this incident there. They will surely help you. This is a big-big shame for Blackberry.

  10. Aditya Reply

    I am one of your user using BOLD3 9780 (imei no.357174046657997).
    My handset trackball was not working properly so i deposited my handset for repair at your BLACKBERRY SERVICE CENTRE (LAJPAT NAGAR) on 10/8/2012.
    First of all the staff at the service centre is just useless and doest not know at all how to speak to a customer.
    For a minor problem of trackball not working they have given me the date 29/8/2012 of delivery back of the handset. If this system goes on for a while i dont know how will you retain your coustomers for long. I will be facing many problems now for not having my phone along with me.
    Kindly look into the matter and return my handset as soon as possible so that i dont incurr any further losses.

  11. Yogesh Sharma Reply

    This is to inform you that i have purchased Blackberry curve 8520 in the month of May 2012 but it not working properly. I have visited @ your below service center @ 30 June 12 and given my hand set for one week but still the situation is same which i have mentioned when i had been given my hand set.

    Office No-201, Iind Floor, Sagar Plaza, Laxmi Nagar, Behaind Psk, Opp Metro Pillar No-70, Delhi-110092

  12. Ashutosh Reply

    Dear Sir / Mam ,

    I have purchased Blackberry Curve 9300 on dt 13/10/2011.

    Invoice no. 12732
    Shop : HI FLY Add : 20-D Shopping Center Kota (raj.) India
    Mob IMEI NO : 357123055536786

    1) My mob is getting switched off regularly during charging, receiving a call and and when i put in on table or some hard thing
    2) Enter and Alt Button not working
    3) Mob gets Hang up During working, chat etc.
    4) Some time lock not opening

    It has some internal prob , as it is in guarantee period request you to replace the handset. I am facing these probs regularly since last two months.
    Request you to do the needful , your early action is highly appreciated.

  13. Ajay Reply

    I brought blackberry 9360 Curve before 3 or 4 months and from begining i am suffering from lot of problems with my phone. First of all it has hanging and very low sound problem.I visited lajpat nagar service center. After 16 days they returned back my phone without solving any problem. Very poor service from a big brand.

  14. Kushal Shah Reply


    I would like to complaint about my recent experience with BlackBerry Customer Care and also the Local Retail Store.

    I live in Porbandar, Gujarat, India. I had given my blackberry device- 8520 curve(white) to them for getting it fixed. I had the issue with my Rubber body and my device was in warranty. I gave them on 6th July and they told me i would be receiving it back in 18 days. I haven’t received my device yet at the same time when i tried getting in touch with the local reatil store owner, he isn’t receiveing my call neither am i able to see him, not only that when i tried calling customer care for my complaint, the representative behaved very rude with me.

    Its very upseting to tell, but don’t you treat your customers nicely. Don’t you care to respect them and their issues, then why you people even have customer care department. Teach them the way to talk with your valuable customer.

    I would like to have my device back or get a replacement device.

    The details of my device is as follows
    IMEI NO. :357827047810952
    Job Sheet No. ( where i gave my device in rajkot ): 01279

    Kushal Shah

  15. radhika Reply

    I have submitted my bb 9790 in lajpat nagar service center today (in delhi) since it was having voice problem and auto on and off.i was told that i will be informed whether my handset meets the warranty criteria or not!!! can u please tell me by when will i get to know this, what is the timeline from ur end???? also in case i miss your call, then how will i be informed?

  16. Shailendra Singh Reply

    Serial Number 359201043845834 .
    RMA # RM01165019
    MODEL : 9790

    I bought my moble in Jan 2012 and after 7-8 days , I started facing the following problem :
    1. Hanging
    2. Touch Phone not working . Once you restart than touch screen starts working . .
    3. After 4 months – it started rebooting after every 5-10 minutes .

    My phone is working fine expcept the above . When i have given my phone for repair then they mentioned this is not repairable . Can u tell me a phone which u bought in Rs. 29,000 just 5 months ago you are saying it is not repairable . On 17th July when i went to submit my phone to their servise centre in lajpat nagar , it was raining very heavily and there was lot of blockage of water on the roads and 4 -5 drops went in phone also . They comented :- The handset did not meet warranty criteria. The handset is irrepairable. I am ready to pay also but some solution has to be there . This is really disgusting from blackberry . Learn to give best customer service from i-Phone ( apple ) centre . I am have another phone which is iphone -4 and there was some issue , they way they treated and solved my problem , i was very impressed . Even in your service centre there is no water to drink for your customers .
    Regards Shailendra

  17. Prakash Sigh Mehra Reply

    I have Blackberry bold 9700, I want its body, can you tell me how much it will cost and from where I can get it?

  18. ashish singhania Reply

    i have playbook tablet , my charging pin is not working, the service centre is not willing to take any action as i bought the same in Dubai. Blackberry is international company something has to be taken care of . I had Ipad the screen was damanged , i went to the serice centre they immdiately replaced it with some additional charge….this is what service is not sending the customer back.

    would apperciate help here.

    also i wanted to buy the Rapid charger but it is not available in any of your dealers , then what the use of making them .

  19. Sudhir Mittal Reply

    I had bought a Blackberry Playbook 64 GB in 7th Jan 2012 which malfunctioned in APRIL 2012. I had bought this from Hot Spot, Vikas Marg Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, where I had given it for repair.For more than a month I had been chasing the, for the same but to my surprise and disappointment I was told to take the Blackberry to a Authorised Service Centre (Redig ) Lajpat Nagar, in South Delhi.I was in touch with Mr. Rohit Bali & Others, all this time to know when my product will be delivered to me after repair / exchange but again I had to face the humiliation and agony as nobody had any proper answer in the service centre and I was asked to re check the status after every 2-3 days without any luck. Most of the times, no one picks the phone or the phone is switched off and on one odd occasion if they do pick the phone up, they seem to have no clue as to what is the status of my tablet – they are not able to find it even by their own service ticket number or the IMEI number. This is such a poor service from such a big brand

    • ravi Reply

      May you give me the contact info of service center where you went to get your Playbook repaired. I am facing charging problem with my Playbook. Thanks in advance

  20. sachin Reply

    This is such a poor service from such a big brand. I am regretting buying a blackberry phone. It is just two months i’ve bought blackberry curve and it keeps on hanging and sometime the keypad is not working at all. No body is picking phone at the centers also, they have less service centers. The shop where i have bought it from is not ready to help at all. They even don’t have the complete address of service centers. A big mistake to move on to blackberry from nokia.

  21. Teena Sehgal Reply

    What is the use of giving all of these service center numbers when either no one picks these phones or they are constantly switched off….especially the one for Redington India center in Lajpat Nagar?

    I have a blackberry tablet under warranty which suddenly went dead after about 6 months from the date of purchase. I went to the Redington India center in Lajpat Nagar & they kept it saying that it will take 2-3 days if they are able to fix it themselves – and if they are not able to fix it, then they will have to send it to their repair center, which will take 2-3 weeks at max. I have been following up for over a month now. They gave me the same number for follow-up as given above of the Redington India center in Lajpat Nagar to check the status.

    Most of the times, no one picks the phone or the phone is switched off and on one odd occasion if they do pick the phone up, they seem to have no clue as to what is the status of my tablet – they are not able to find it even by their own service ticket number or the IMEI number.

    Really very very poor service of Blackberry!! I would advise everyone never to purchase their product again. I have become so disgusted that I went ahead & brought an apple iPad – since there seemed to be no point in continuing to wait for the BB tablet to come back…..god only knows if it is going to come back, ever!!!

    If any BB official is monitoring the comments on this site, I would really advise them to relook at their customer service operations. I can understand if an issue resolution takes time; but at least the center people should be contactable & be able to provide correct information – that is the least that a consumer would expect from a brand like Blackberry!!

  22. Shilpi Reply

    My 9800 Torch fell into water. I tried to dry all its parts but its not working. Can you pls tell me how can I do the data backup??? What would be the cost of getting it repaired???

  23. Shreyas Reply

    i just purchased curve 8520 last week and it doesn’t charge on charging but the phone gets heated and restarted on its own

  24. ankur Reply

    it is the second time that i have deposited my phone in the service center and its has not been a is in the warranty period.. these guys have taken my phone for repairing, which takes two weeks!! TWO WEEKS for the repair ?? isn’t it too long ? more over there is no update from their side..

  25. Amit Reply

    Hello There,

    I am using BB Curve 8520 i am getting SOS instead of signal bars on my home screen since 2 weeks. Kindly suggest what can be done in such case… As i have done each & every possibilities from our side like, SIM replace, Switch of and then switch it on, Checked another SIM etc. So kindly suggest . . .

  26. sarthak vohra Reply

    I am using blackberry 9300 curve. Currently facing two problems – first my mobile gets switched off on its own and for rebooting it i have to remove and place my battery again. In one day or so i have to charge it 3-4 times with no much usage. Secondly, my track ball stopped working. Then after sometime it started working but the moment i locked my keypad and unlock it again same thing happen. My phone is still under warranty period.

  27. Ankita Karwa Reply

    I purchased blackberry 9220 curve on June 14, 2012 and in the first 24 hrs of use I have started facing problems with the handset. I am unable to unlock the fone from top unlock button and not able to receive or disconnect calls when the phone is locked.

  28. himanshu goel Reply

    I recently purchased blackberry 9220 curve. My handset goes to locked mode automatically and I am not able to unlock from top unlock button.

  29. Pawan Kumar Singh Reply

    I have purchased a Blackberry Tour 9630 on an ecommerce portal recently. Upon receiving the product, I open the box and find the speaker cover is broken. What should I do?

    • customer help Reply

      why dint you contact and complaint on the website from where you shopped this product?

  30. Rajinder Reply

    I recently purchased blackberry 9220 curve. My handset goes to locked mode automatically and I am not able to unlock from top unlock button.

  31. Amrit kr Singh Reply

    Dear concern
    I have bought my BB curve 9360 two months ago I am facing backup problem from this phone it only last for 3-4 hrs. After investing enough money I became fool. Please suggest me what to do? How could its backup will improve…

  32. gurjit Reply

    An error has occurred communicating with the BlackBerry App World Web plugin. Please restart your device and try again. If you have content protection enabled on your device, please disable and try again.
    How to solve this problem and how to disable content protection in your model 9530.

  33. shanky Reply

    I bought a new phone, it started giving me problem after 1 week.. The problem is that it gets auto silent (cannot hear the ring tone, message tone, not able to listen the voice to whom i dailled the call and neither he listens my voice). I gave my phone to service center, and they repaired it 2 times, and still following the same issue.

    Can any one tell me how this issue can be resolved.

  34. sumit chopra Reply

    Dear Concern,

    This is to inform you that am using blackberry curver 9300 3g from last 3 months. Now currently am facing problem with the phone as it got hang up and after swith it on it works fine. This i have to do some 20 times in a day.Last month your lajpat nagar dealer had put a new software and told that it will never happen again but again started. Please suggest what to do or else if a got a no reply from you i will escalate it to the higher authorities

  35. amit raina Reply

    I have bought blackberry touch 9860 one month back.there is a problem with my wi fi connection. it disconnects and connects by itself from my home..

  36. Sumit chopra Reply

    Dear Concern,

    This is to inform you that am using blackberry curver 9300 3g from last 3 months. Now currently am facing problem with the phone as it got hang up and after swith it on it works fine. This i have to do some 20 times in a day.Last month your lajpat nagar dealer had put a new software and told that it will never happen again but again started. Please suggest what to do or else if a got a no reply from you i will escalate it to the higher authorities.


    I had given my BB for repair at your lajpat nagar company’s repair center Redington. Their phones dont work and I need to get my phone.

  38. Sunil Makol Reply

    I had given my BB for repair at your lajpat nagar company’s repair center Redington. Their phones dont work and I need to get my phone.

  39. varun Reply

    can u please tel me how to reset all the setting of blackberry curve 8230

    • shekhar Reply

      I am not really happy with the services provided by the blackberry service center Noida.I have submitted my Curve 9300 on 17-March-2012 and got it back after 15 days with original problem solved but some other problems.I submitted it again but didnt get it back.I dont even get any satisfatrory reply from the service center.I need urgent help please.

  40. Devesh Kumar Reply

    I have curve 9300, as the track pad was not working (still under warranty) i had given it to the service center in Lajpat Nagar (Redington India pvt. ltd.). My work order no. is DEL/BB/12/01317. Now when ever i call the no. mentioned on the Customer Unit Receipt, the no. is always busy. I want to know the status of my phone.

  41. Sourabh Sharma Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I had 9300 Curve but there is problem in this handset that it is not displaying “Text Message” icon anywhere. Also, I am not able to send sms throught normal prrocess. But, when I access my contact details; sms are being displayed under recent activity head when I view contact & there from I am abble to view or send sms for that particular contact. Also, when I restarted the handset; I got msg on screen: “Uncaught exception index: 54 >= 54. Pls help me. One more problem is caller can hear my voice only if I use handsfree/earphone. Pls help to get me complete resolution.


  42. Vaibhav Reply

    I want to replace my 8520 body. I called many times at khurana brothers they didn’t reply. what should i do ?

  43. Sumit Gupta Reply

    My query, can i put 8350’s housing on 8250…. is both body interchangeable?…please reply

  44. S.Ravisankar Reply


    i am unable to send or receive SMS in my Blackberry 8530 Mobile.Whenever i send SMS, the message- Equipment Failure occurs on the screen. Kindly help me out to the solve the problem.


  45. sheshi warad Reply

    i had purchased bb 9300 before 2 months but now my net is getting connecting by itself i tried to contact customer care but no reply.

  46. Ajay Reply

    I have BB Curve 9300 3G. Until last month it was working absolutely fine, now it wont connect to WIFI, browser does not work and it always gives me error “unable to connect server.” I have security wiped the phone but no gain same state.

  47. RS Sandhu Reply

    BLACKBERRY MODEL9900: I have purchased this model on 21st Oct, 2011. I had problem on 24-Jan, It was hang on & key board was not working well. Due to software problem entire set was replaced on 02-Feb & I paid Rs.11,500 for this, I have got new IMEI number. Again it was facing a problem & it was formatted twice on 5th & 8th Feb.

    • RS Sandhu Reply

      So many times I have called Parveen Kumar of Redington West Delhi at 9310622236 (who is head of service center of Blackberry in Delhi), as well as I have sent email [email protected] and [email protected] but in vain. Really it is horrible after sale service of Khurana Brothers Janak Puri and Redington, they have failed to give good after sale service to customers.

  48. Praveen Reply

    I gave my BB curve 8520 for repait at Khurana brothers, Janak Puri. They did give me their number for contact but they dont seem to respond.

    • RS Sandhu Reply

      It happened with me also, Parveen (manager BB Delhi) is also not giving any response, they are not ready to give any technical support, so i hope i will approach cunsumer court in Janak Puri.

  49. manav kukreja Reply

    not able to configure enterrise account for my office emails…plz help me

  50. vinaygulyani Reply

    MY curve 8520 is having some problem with its software….its shows “an uncaught Exception 12>=12” whenever i restart my blackbery……plz help me out of this.

  51. Anjali Reply

    I have bought Torch 2 just 2months back and since then I am having problem with the handset.
    It gets hanged up and at times the ringer goes to silent mode and the I cannot take the call. Please suggest what should I do. I tried caliing on the above mentioned Nos but there was no response. I have spent a big amount on this handset and am not satisfied with the performance of such high Brand handset.

  52. Ashish Dugar Reply


    I have blackberry 9300 3G Curve and it is still under warranty. I am having lot of problems with my battery. At times it shows that the remaining charge is about 15%, and then it suddenly shuts down. I have to charge to to turn the phone back on. Once i turn it on, the battery is totally drained out. The battery does not last for more than 8-12 hrs and my talk time, on an average about 30-45 mins.

  53. rishi aggarwal Reply

    I wish to buy a storm model 9530, my friend said the company has closed the model so will not get service and support. please help.
    And can u tell me from where I should buy it..?
    Pls reply.

    • blackberryrepaircentre Reply

      storm 9530 is an obsolete model, u have variety of other models available such as TORCH 9860 if u r looking for full touch screen option. visit us at the outlet for more detail info

      • RS Sandhu Reply

        I believe every model in BB is very good, but after sale service is horrible, very bad. so think twice to purchase any thing of product of BB.

  54. Anish Monga Reply


    I have bb curve 1 month old only,
    my camera is working properly but zoom option not working.

  55. Gaurav Reply

    Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    This is regarding my blackberry handset model 9300 Curv. My phone’s display is not working properly. I need to service my phone asap.

    • blackberryrepaircentre Reply

      if ur handset is out of warranty visist our outlet for the replacement of lcd by hand

      • chopra Reply

        I have purchased one BB storm 9530 thru Naaptol delhi about 6 month back, to my surprise its not working at all, on complaining them about same they said we should go in to chandni chowk delhi for repairs with no complete address. Since the day of purchase im keeping the phone in the box as the battery and both the phone are not in working conditions. To me it appears that these big companies are only fooling and providing no services to customers. If any one from Naptool wants to verify can contact me and take or see the phone. SHAME ON THE BEHAVIOR AND SERVICES PROVIDED BY THEM.

  56. prateek Reply

    I bought a blackberry 9780 phone 3 months back…now i lost my mobile bill and facing some problems in my phone…i have my box i visit bb service center in sec18 noida…they told that without bill they will not accept my phone

    • customer help Reply

      yes without bills or proof of warranty no company will accept the product

      • Blackberry Repair Reply

        Suggestion:-you can visit the outlet from where you have bought this phone and request for duplicate bill of yours.

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