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Research In Motion South Africa Proprietary Limited
Palazzo Towers West
Monte Casino
William Nicol Drive
South Africa 2086

tel: +27 (0) 11 510 0000
fax: +27 (0) 11 510 0001

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  1. Moegamad Anwar Daniels Reply

    I have a Z3, I am experiencing a world of frustration with my BBID. Every time I put my password in, I am prompted that it’s incorrect. Now I’m trying to update certain software programs and this stupid phone will not allow it because of this stupid BBID. I need assistance with resetting my BBID password or even removing it completely. I am willing to use my phone without BBID at my own risk. I really don’t care. What’s the use of having security but you cannot use the dam phone anyways. Please help me gain access to my phone? Or I will have to go to the Consumer Protector S.A to lay a formal complaint as a South African consumer who cannot use the product purchased.

  2. Joan Reply

    I have a Blackberry Q5 can need to change the blackberry ID as the email address is incorrect. I also have forgotten the password and the recovery. Please can you assist me urgently.

  3. shaun Mc Bride Reply

    i have forgotten my BB id and when i get asked the recovery question it does not want to acept the awnser. i am currently lockd out of blackberry world nd cnt do any updates. i need assistance as i do not recieve my mails on my device and this is really frustrating.

  4. Dan K Reply

    I had a torch. changed 4 years ago to iPhone. My onther phoneSony broke down; I still had the Torch. tried to get my blackberry ID; the password was written down. reset it on internet. to no avail. Trying to get support from RIM or Blackberry. Not possible. The memories of why I switched now came flooding back. It is the non existing poor poor support online which killed a good product for me. I nearly put my foot in it again… So I guess iphone or android as a replacement

  5. Johan Brits Reply

    Good day!

    I’ve got a problem with my BBM and Facebook it’s not working and the BIS is connected. What might be the problem and please help me fix the problem. Its Urgent!

  6. Wenzi Reply

    I asked my brother’s friend to call my phone but so I can find my phone but then he says that it wasted R8 airtime and now I must give it to him. Right now I am asking if he just called me and I never answered does it mean I still owe him R8

  7. Japie Erasmus Reply

    I have 2 blackberries, both restart when ever they like couple of times a day, hang a lot and my batteries not even half then I get the msg battery to low to radio. I am really disgusted with blackberry devices.

  8. zandile Reply

    hi I have blackberry Z10 I cant answer my calls due to a voice command that is stuck on my phone whatever I touch the voice commander repeats what I am doing it also tells me time and date of which the screen senses after I have tapped several times. please help me remove the voice commander

  9. Duan Reply

    I have always been a major fan of the company, and have found the system easy to operate. However, my last 2 phones have given me an endless supply of problems. I had a Bold 9900, and now a Z3. Both of my phones are giving the same problem, they just randomly crashed, switched off, and an not even switch on anymore. After handing in my first phone which was out of warranty, that had a lot of sentimental photos and videos on them, of my late father, and late best friend, of which I will NEVER get back, I was told it could not be repaired, and I am guessing the same will happen to the new phone. It is not even 10 months old! I will take in the new phone, but I know what will happen. This really changed my mind about the brand and product, and will never even recommend it to anyone! no wonder SAMSUNG and APPLE are taking over the market, or any other devices! SICK AND TIRED OF THIS!

  10. Darryn Govender Reply

    My Blackberry was stolen recently so I purchased another Blackberry handset. After setting up my email address, I tried restoring my bbm service but it says that my email address is not linked to any Blackberry messenger account. I cannot lose all my contacts again.

  11. melissa Reply

    I have a blackberry z3 which is android compatible, had it for 4 months now except the amazone app won’t work have tried everything even blackberryhelp on twitter’s direction without any success . Please do something!. Why purchase a phone for a certain reason than it gives more problems than anything else!!!

  12. Fredeline Reply

    Good day

    I have a blackberry z3 and I seemed to forgot my bbid password. I’ve tried to reset it but it doesn’t work. What do you suggest I do know?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  13. ofentse Reply

    HI I’m having a blackberry Q5 and I’m having a problem with the battery….so if you would kindly help me where can I take it to be replaced with new battery?

  14. Org Griesel Reply

    Try to get a tel number or email address for BB in South Africa from the web….Go on try it!! Is bull dust. On every site there is a contact details that led to nothing. Is it possible that in our age a web page must be full of crap and over and over the same thing.

  15. Don Reply

    What is the point of this forum if you get no feedback from anyone…

    I’ve been trying to get assistance with resetting my blackberryID for almost a month now and am not getting any kind of feedback or interest??

    Is this blackberry’s so called service????

  16. Don Reply

    I’ve been trying to reset my blackberry ID and haven’t been having any luck – who do i speak to?

  17. Katja Walder Reply

    Hi, a friend and I purchased blackberry curve 8520 in South Africa and we were told that we can use them in Canada with a Canadian sim card. However, upon arriving in Canada the phones pick up the sim cards network but do not pick up signal of the network. We phone the network (Virgin Mobile) and Blackberry HQ in Ottawa and they said we need to obtain an unlock code for our imei and MEP numbers…..I have spent a week googling this and have subsequently found out that our codes are unavailable. Blackberry here in Canada have now advised us that we can only obtain these codes from you in South Africa. We are both customers of Vodacom, whom I’ve also emailed and have had no reply. Can you please assist us with this as we are desperately trying to use the phones so we can stay in touch with our family and friends in South Africa whilst here in Canada.

  18. Oliver Reply

    I am not impressed with my Curve. Since I bought it last year, this will be the 3rd time I’ll have to send it in to get its scroll button fixed. This is really ridiculous. How about some real customer care!!!!!!

  19. Tina Reply

    Hi, my BB 8520 was stolen about a month ago from my office. I immediately contacted Vodacom and had the device blacklisted, had my number blocked. (And NO I did not install BB Protect) A friend of mine received a re-invite from my BBM pin from some random guy and she knew something was wrong. How could this happen? I called Vodacom and they said may be the phone was illegally opened. Does this mean my emails are going to still go the phone etc.??? How do I protect my information?

  20. Candice Reply

    please can someone help me urgently! i have a problem with my bbm. i receive a message from someone but i cannot send one back to them, and it only happens with this specific person no one else. i have tried deleting them over and over but still the same problem. please can someone help me.

  21. Anja Reply

    I applied for a new contract 2 months ago. I received a new blackberry 9900 that worked for 2 days. I returned the phone within the policy of 7 days. MTN gave my another blackberry 9900 that was faulty again after a month. I was very upset and asked them to replace my phone with a Samsung. They informed that they can’t and I need to pay double to get a new phone and informed that they can’t give me a new phone and they have to send my phone in for repair.

    I collected my phone today. They could not fixed the old one and gave me a new Blackberry 9900 and phone worked for a few hours and is broken again.

    This is totally unacceptable. The quality of the Blackberry 9900 is pathetic and shocking. How can 3 phones of the same brand and model broke in 3 months.

    With the new contract, I am currently using my old phone more than I have used the new phone and paying a the higher monthly fee.

    All I want is a new phone, not a Blackberry 9900 under the same contract without being penalised by MTN.

  22. Pierre Momberg Reply

    The memory card slot on my Curve 9300 has come loose from the mother board and MTN does not want to fix it because it is beyond economical repair. The phone is still within it’s 2 year warranty period.

  23. Gary Reply


    I am a BB fan – or should say was until approximately 20 minutes ago when Vodacom informed me that the new BB10 (which I have heard rave reviews about in the press and from friends overseas) will not be available in a BIS package. Vodacom are even going to cancel existing BIS services in the near future in line with MTN’s announcement earlier this week. I am now going accross to Android/Apple for the following reasons:
    1. The BIS package meant that all I had to worry about from an account point of view was additional voice and sms costs.
    2. I was not waylaid by creeping and unannounced data charges with my BIS package
    3. BBM and internet connectivitiy was good.
    4. A very stable BB platform and the BEST keyboard on the planet.

    The above is now null and void. I am sad to lose the keyboard. Android offer far more apps and the spead of development is great. Apple offer a very stable and tested platform and apps. If I am going to have to pay for data, and the South African cellular suppliers want to be greedy and charge exhorbitant data fees for BB in line with the other smart phones, then I am going to go where I can get the biggest bang for my buck. Sadly, this is not the Z10. So, as soon as I have done my homework in the next few weeks, I will be saying a very sad goodbye to BB and RIM.

    • sajna Reply

      I had got a contract from MTN and they didn’t inform me that the phone could be sim blocked, I’ve tried calling BlackBerry but it a no use. If anyone has the number for BlackBerry south Africa please inform me thanks
      I use wifi on my phone and cannot use my aim card need it to be unblocked ASAP

  24. Chad Reply

    hi.. why can’t we pay for a app on black berry apps world with airtime any more??? what is paypal ?? and if you don’t have a credit card how will you ever be able to buy any apps???

  25. San Reply

    Good Day. Firstly i do not own a Blackberry purely because i did not like the type of phones Blackberry have however i have been tempted to get one purely of the uncapped bis that Blackberry has in SA as i use a lot of data which costs a small fortune. I heard of the Blackberry Z10 and this time i liked the phone. I have been waiting so eagerly for it that i even bought my micro sim card and micro sd card in advance. I thought to myself i would be getting a decent phone but most importantly uncapped bis only to find out recently that BB10 does not offer uncapped bis. I now have changed my mind and will be getting another brand instead after all i wanted was Blackberry’s uncapped bis feature which is what attracted majority of those who do own a Blackberry.

    It is sad and a fact to say once consumers find out there is no uncapped bis on BB10 they surly will change their minds like i have. Blackberry will not sell as many units of BB10 as they would with the uncapped bis, this is the sad truth and fact. Blackberry’s advantage over other brands has been the uncapped bis and now that BB10 doesn’t offer it, Blackberry no longer has an advantage.Before Blackberry loses many potential sales purely because of uncapped bis, it should review the matter. Personally, uncapped bis should be on all Blackberry devices, that’s what makes Blackberry stand out from the rest. Well if BB10 doesn’t have uncapped bis, Blackberry would be losing many potential consumers and this is the sad truth. Blackberry will not get the numbers they expecting as they would if uncapped bis was involved. Uncapped bis is Blackberry’s signature, taken away makes it no different from other phones and will not tempt consumers into getting Blackberry.Seriously, think about what i have mentioned if Blackberry wants a share in the market.Thanks. Sanesh

  26. Nicola Reply

    PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME ASAP!! I bought a Z10 model in Dubai a few days ago now my phone won’t connect with the network – MTN! i REBOOTED, RESTARTED everything but it doesnt seem to go past licence agreement!

  27. Ali Smith Reply

    Blackberry is the worst phone that has ever been made!! The phone spends more time at the repair shop than being used. This is a refurbished console that was issued to us in november cause the first phone had so many problems that it wasnt worth fixing, but now this is happening all over again!! Why must I pay for something that does not work? Why is there a product on the market that gives so much problems and know we the consumer sit with it! The 8520 has been discontinued but still we struggle with all of your stupid problems! How long is it going to take blackberry to do a call back on all of these phones? Is blackberry going to wake up when all of their clients move over to another manafucturer?

  28. Mandy Reply

    I am not impressed with the Blackberry Curve 8520 phone and the service lately. The phone is VERY SLOW on the internet and sometimes the BBM also does not go through and I got to keep rebooting the phone off and on again only then it works. Why must I keep doing that? The phone should be up and running at all times, supposed to be the best.

    Another BIG PROBLEM is that the battery does NOT LAST IN THESE PHONES! How can a phone even be made like this, when the whole phone and battery itself is SO UNRELIABLE!

    I should NEVER have changed from a Nokia brand phone, and am for sure going back to Nokia, Blackberry can keep their unreliable service.

    Good bye Blackberry.

    Very unsatisfied customer.

  29. ranveer Reply

    I have the blackberry 9300. The phone is draining on the battery within hours. I have taken it for repairs, spent a fortune but the problem is still there. To top it up the call centre customer care number above have really unfriendly staff , not really willing to listen to a customer’s concern.

  30. Karen du Plessis Reply

    I hope someone can help.
    My blackberry was sent in for repairs to Vodacom a few weeks ago; I got a new refurbished phone back.
    My problem now is that I’m on the pre paid version, the one you pay R59 every month to access the internet, I’ve loaded a few times and the service expires only on the 27th of April; when I access the internet it keeps on deducting from my airtime.
    My previous phone, before it went in for repairs, didn’t deduct from my airtime, and I could browse the internet as many times I want as I paid the R59.
    Is there some setting I need to change?
    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. marlene Reply

    I’m very dissapointed with BLACKBERRY. Especially with the new curve. My (second) BLACKBERRY is now sent for repairs – FAILED “SCROLL BUTTON” . It looks like the problem is COMMON PROBLEM for the new curve. I’m still waiting for it. It’s almost 2 weeks now, and the consultant at MTN Irene Mall told me that the repair will only take a week. I will not (when its time) upgrade to a new BLACKBERRY.

  32. Natalie Reply

    My BB9790 died. Literally you cant read any information f it, wont charge nothing.
    How long is it going to take blackberry to fix it and will it be covered under warranty as the phone is only 6 months old.
    The local repair shop i took it to [Telepage] said that either my mainboard is cracked or its the middle chassis – that is what they are guessing at this time because there is absolutely no response from the phone.
    Please help!!!!

  33. Potgieter Reply

    My 9360 which is still under warranty, broke. Repairs will leave me 6 weeks without a phone!!!! How do I contact somebody at bb headoffice to talk about this?
    Looks like I will have to go to Hallo Peter

  34. Johandre Fouche Reply

    The WORST CALL CENTER EVER !!! I now understand why people are converting to other cell phone brands….BlackBerry has the worst service for a huge company….I get better service from DStv !! People, BlackBerry is just plain crap, rather switch to another Cell Phone brand…

  35. Richard Reply

    My family and I have had a number of Blackberry phones so we are familiar with your product, however I have had 5 replacement handsets in the past 18 months and I have now received a curve replacement which is working fine other than the battery lasts approximately 2 hours before it is completely flat and requires recharging. I have had the battery replaced once already and the new battery gives the same performance. This is obviously totally impractical for me as i don’t always have access to a charging facility and the car charger although a Blackberry original I don’t really like to use too often, but at this point do not have a choice. the phone is less than a week old.

    Please can you advise me as to how you can resolve this issue for me as a matter of urgency as I am an extremely frustrated customer as this is now the 5th phone in a very short space of time. the other problems I have had with my Blackberries in all cases the speaker has failed and on two occasions the toggle has also failed.

  36. Athina Reply

    I have an email address for years now. My b b user name is not recognized so can’t reset the i.d so now what do i do because exceeded ten tries.

    • Gerrie Reply

      I forgot my BB ID password for tried a couple of times and now my BB ID has been blocked ! How do I un block it

  37. percy Reply

    I just bought BB curve 9320. It started like a house on fire for the first 3 days. I downloaded big files with 3G coverage and streamed. But now it takes 15 minutes to download 1.1 MB file and it no longer streams properly with the same 3G coverage. Pls help

  38. Rich Reply

    My daughter forgot her Blackberry password, I managed to change it on the blackberry web site, however she still cannot log into her BBM account even with the new password, please help.

  39. francois Reply

    I purchased a 9320 on the 25th of July 2012. After having it for two months the cell went faulty. When I put it on charge the screen went black with the back lights on. I took it to my service provider Vodacom as earlier they had the cell for a month and gave back to me saying that it was a liquid damage. The service provider gave me a quotation to repair the cell and I gave them the go ahead then it came back un repaired with a reason that the set was unrepeatable. So I took the cell to a private repair centre and they looked at the cell and explained to me that it looks like it was a factory fault! I have been a faithful black berry supporter for over five years. I now do not know what steps to take to further this.

  40. Lauren Reply

    My blackberry was checked into Blackberry South Africa for repairs by Cell C, more than 2 and a half weeks ago and I am yet to get any feedback on how fair they are with the repairs to my phone. I would like to know when someone will contact me or Cell C and provide us with an update on the progress. The customer service at Blackberry SA is shocking!!!!

  41. franklin Reply

    How can I retrieve my blackberry app world icon, I was busy downloading on it next thing the phone went off then on and the app world icon was gone, I tried downloading the app again but it don’t show on my phone. Please help…

    • Yonela Reply

      HI did you get any help? I am also having this problem….How can I retrieve my blackberry app world icon, I was busy downloading on it next thing the phone went off then on and the app world icon was gone, I tried downloading the app again but it don’t show on my phone. It has also gone with my bbm.

  42. Jaco Reply

    I handed my 9900 (which wasn’t even two weeks old) in at Vodacom in Menlyn because of a problem with the screen, after a month of waiting, they gave me another 9900 in an even worst state than the one I handed in. When I complained about this with them, they informed that’s the way it is and I should hand in the one received, again not having a phone to do my business on.

    This is really bad service from a company who is already receiving bad press and losing a lot of customers to iphone, samsung, etc.

    And according to my knowledge this is not allowed with the CPA and I will be in contact with my legal representative regarding my rights and the action that i can take against such pathetic customer experience and retention.

  43. Johann Reply

    I need to upgrade the software on my wife’s Phone. So I connected it to my BB PC Software to upgrade. PC Software says phone needs to have software upgraded, but I need to upgrade PC blackberry desktop software FIRST. The built in PC Software upgrade function doesnt work, and NOWHERE on the internet does anyone (Including Blackberry itself) have a downloadable, functioning version of PC Desktop Software Version 7. I upgrade my own phone to version 6 software with the same PC and it worked fine, but now I cant upgrade my wife’s to the same version 6 without upgrading desktop software first. And how the hell do you contact Blackberry to get this sorted out?!?? Their website is useless!

  44. Sivile Reply

    I bought BlackBerry Curve 9380 on April. Around October it had a software problem so I had to take it back where I bought it. Took them a month to get it fixed. Now when I got it back, I activated BIS but it still says I’m not connected. I called MTN technicians, since they promised to call me back and get the problem fixed but they haven’t done that. Its almost three days I’ve been waiting for their call. I’m really getting fed up now. Can you please load BIS please. This is my money we talking about here

  45. girly Reply

    I am using blackberry bold 9900 and have received a message reading error 102, reload software. What should be done. This is what i tried. I connected my phone to the laptop and logged on to blackberry website and tried to download the software to my phone but failed.

  46. Pathiswa Jack Reply

    My blackberry curve 8520 Red in color was stolen and could not block it because I couldn’t find my EMI number. I tried phoning the store where I purchased it but they also couldn’t assist because I bought it cash. I hope you’l be able to assist me with regard to this.

  47. Andries Pieterse Reply

    Can someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I have a BB9300. It gave me some problems with the software. I sent it in to MTN Cape Town to get repaired as I have insurance on the handset. They sent it back, but this time it was with a “stolen” phone’s pin. I sent it back and received another phone. This phone had problems with the keypad and was sent in AGAIN. It came back with the same problem. I had to send it in AGAIN!!!!! I am so sick and tired of bad service and incompetant technicians!!!!!! I need my phone! and every time I send it in I have to be without a phone for a week. This is so rediculous ! I am fed-up with bad service from MTN. SO, how do I handle this because I want a NEW PHONE, NOT A REFURBISHED PHONE

    Andries Pieterse

  48. Louise Reply

    I had a Blackberry Curve 8520, but my software crashed. So I bought a Blackberry Curve 9300. Only problem is, I lost all my contacts on my phonebook as well as on bbm. Is there any change of retrieving my contacts by using my previous BBM Pin or Email address? I’m not sure if a backup was done automatically, but I never did any backups. Please please please help!

  49. mashudu Reply

    I purchased Blackberry Curve 9380 on cell C contract,and realized the mistake I have done.Its my first Blackberry purchase.It freezes a lot,browse internet slowly,battery life is too short,especially if it start to get warm.Despite that,most of Blackberry applications are not free like in Android phones.I’ve been having the phone for 3 months now and facing another months left would see me throwing the device away.Am I allowed to return the device for a real smart phone?

  50. Mohammed Dindar Reply

    I have a Torch 9800. I now suddenly get an ad appearing at the bottom of my screen inside the BBM window. How do I remove this ad as it is slowing the BBM service. Please help

  51. Albertus van Niekerk Reply

    I have recently upgraded from a 8520 to the bold 9790 and really enjoy my Blackberry! The only problem I have is that the cover cracked on top where the lock button is. I dont understand it as I have a pouch and the button is supposed to be pressed down. To me, it looks like a design problem. How can I have this sorted out? Regards, Albertus.

  52. Mpho Masulubele Reply

    Good Day,

    May you please help me to get my notifications for my webmail account which I linked to my phone, I used to get them but for some reason I no longer get them and my webmail account is still active I can only get my mails when I go to the Internet previously I used to get notifications like sms’.

    Thank you.

  53. Carlos Vilela Reply

    My husband upgraded his phone when the Bold 9900 first came out. Since he has had it the battery has never lasted longer than half a day. Now the Bold 9900 are issued with a spare battery and desktop charger as a standard, obviously Blackberry are aware of the problem and have compensated accordingly. I have phoned Vodacom call centre and repair centre in Gateway to ask for an extra battery an desktop charger as it is obviously needed to the phone to work properly. I have been given the run around by both, and told I have to pay a fortune for the items. Why should we have to pay for something to rectify a fault that Blackberry are aware of and have compensated later customers for ? If anyone has any information or can help in anyway, I would be grateful.
    Kind regards

    Sharon Vilela

  54. John Reply

    My MTN Contract is expiring in Feb 2013. I want to transfer my Blackberry bis to a vodacom pay as you go account before the end of my contract. As the bis payment is seperate from my contract, how do I go about doing this. ?

  55. Wimpie Reply

    I have a blackberry 9900 that was replaced through my insurance.. the first one was delivered the end of April and broke in one day then the next phone was delivered and now it is 3 months and it is dropping signal screen. To reset the phone I need to take the battery out and wait to reset it sometimes I have to do this about 6 times a day. I reported this on the blackberry Facebook page and according to them it is a software problem I checked and my software is up to date the problems are still there.

  56. juandre Reply

    Hi there,I bought a blackberry torch and installed the desktop manager,when I wanted to activate the internet on the desktop manager there was a information block where they ask the profile and other details like the access point,can u please help me with that details,my service provider doesn’t show in the profile list,when I tried to create my own profile it didn’t work

  57. Marinda Erasmus Reply

    First off, I need to state my upset is not with Blackberry, but with the service provider that deals with the BB product.

    I have queried the issue on the below with my service provider every day since 14 July, and absolutely no response or reply received. I do not think they are equipped to support the BB product.

    I need to find out what the rate for internet usage is charged at please, I do not intend my query to reflect badly on Blackberry, but the inadequate service received from the service provider relating to this product, might cause that, and I feel that BB should be aware of the fact, that Cell C is not equipped to fully support this product, and provide customer care ralating to BB services.

    Any assistance or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Below is the full query:

    DATE: 17 JULY, 2012

    Good day,

    I purchased a new Blackberry Curve 9380 on contract from Cell C at the [email protected] in May 2012.
    It was explained that inclusive in the monthly fee if R199.00 is the amount of free minutes, sms’s and the BIS fee.

    First off, I would like to state that I was happy with the service received when opening the new contract. The store assistant was friendly and seemed efficient, and the contract was opened quickly and the new phone handed to me in a very reasonable time frame.

    Unfortunately, it seems like the shop assistants efficiency only goes as far as opening new contracts.
    On 30 June, 2012 I went into the Cell C shop where I purchased the contract, and requested International roaming to be activated on the phone.
    I did this, because I wanted the BIS service available.

    Again, this was done in the shop in less than a minute, and I again thought that it was good service.
    On 14 July I phoned the Customer care line, to de-activate the roaming, as my son were returning home from his trip.
    The lady from Customer care then told me she is unable to disconnect the roaming as the account have reached the credit limit, and I need to increase the limit in order to cancel the roaming.

    It then came to light, that an account of R40K + have accumulated on the account, due to internet usage while roaming. Only then was it explained, that while on International roaming, the BIS service is no longer free.

    I was told that I should have been asked what I need the credit limit to be on the account, when the contract was opened.
    I was asked to phone the store where I purchased the contract from, for them to assist me.
    I did this immediately and explained the above. I was told that, “They understand” but I need to contact Customer care, as the store assistant is unable to assist me.

    I then phoned Customer care again. They in turn, again told me that I need to phone the store.
    At this point I decided that this is going no-where, and went into the store the next morning.
    In the store, I explained all the above, and had some points I asked the store assistants to clarify:

    1. Why was I not notified when requesting the International roaming, that the free services will no longer be free?
    Answer received: I should have told them that the line the roaming was used for was a Blackberry.
    My response: I am merely a user of the device and service provided, and have no further knowledge, I am paying Cell C for a service. The Cell C store assistant should have this knowledge. When activating the roaming, the full profile was opened in front of him, and he could see the package and phone.

    2. Why were I not asked what the limit on the account should be when activating the contract?
    Answer received: I understand.

    3. How can we now cancel the roaming and how do the fact that it still is not cancelled and the outstanding amount on the account influence the usage of the phone and package now that it is being used in the RSA again?
    Answer received: They will take this up with Customer care and advise.

    4. How will this influence the free minutes etc on the contract in the coming months?
    Answer received: They will take this up with Customer care and advise.

    5. I need a limit on the account.

    Answer received: I understand.
    The attending manager then went into the back of the store, explaining that he needs to send some paperwork through, to head office I assume. About half an hour later, I was told that a query have been sent, and they will come back to me with a response.
    I received a call today from a shop assistant at Cell C [email protected], and he advised me, that “He has spoken to some people who know about International roaming, and there is nothing they can do for me.”

    None of my other queries were addressed.
    I asked him who I can speak to, in order to make some arrangement regarding the balance on the account. Again, the response was “I understand” but he was unable to answer the question.

    He did however phone back some time later, and told me to get in contact with Customer Care.
    It is very clear, that the store attendants are very efficient in their jobs, as far as the normal functions is concerned, but is very uneducated about any other function outside of the norm is concerned.

    I need to add at this point, that keeping my credit rating clean, is VERY important to me. I will be willing to discuss a way forward with the balance of the account, but it is in no way possible to settle such an account easilly.
    If I was carelessly spending money on luxuries, and then are not unable to pay my dept, I would agree that this is entirely my fault, but in this case, I was left completely unaware that any cost can escalate, and because of this, my credit rating are now under serious threat.

  58. Isaac Phelane Reply

    When i go on to the internet whether be it google or any other site,the scrolling icon does not show and this is starting to worry me as i use my phone alot to do research.And i also have a problem with changing profile e.g from vibrate to silent or loud,it just does not want to open for me to change it.So i really need to know what i should do.I will look forward to ur response.Thank you

  59. Kamita Reply

    Good Day.

    I have spent hours trying to locate a queries department for blackberry but to no avail.

    My husband took a BlackBerry contract with MTN over one and a half years ago which included BIS subscription. To date he has never paid for internet usage or downloads and has never experienced any problems. Based on this I took a similar contract with CellC.

    Two days ago I received a bill for R 964 which included internet usage for R 494. I am aware that the BlackBerry subscription excludes streaming links and due to this I have not used this service. According to cellc the BlackBerry subscription being paid to them doesn’t include downloads. How is this possible? The BlackBerry subscription costs the same with both networks but offers different products.. Does this mean that BlackBerry has offered different packages to the different networks? How is this possible?

    Are consumers being ripped of by one network for the same price? This is really unfair! What type of customer service is this and who is to blame?
    I feel cheated and betrayed by all parties concerned.

    Please advise urgently.

    Sent from my BlackBerry®

    • Laila Khan Reply

      I have just purchased a BLackBerry bold 9900 on a Cell C contract. I was seriously considering a Samsung galaxy SIII.I purchased the blackberry solely for BIS and as far as I am aware BIS includes downloads. I am paying a fortune every month for the phone. Why is it called BIS if all service providers are not consistant. I would like to know if you have received any feedback from this site.

  60. will Reply

    I love my blackberry but recently it has been giving me so much problems. I have a 9810 and when I go on the internet my touch screen function stops working. Also the icon on the home screen that allows you to change the sound profile has stopped working. every time I click on it my phone freezes. I have also taken my phone in for a soft wear reload after waking up one morning and the phone just said error 123 softwear reload. They said it was because of the cold I mean WTF. I don’t want a to get a Samsung but with all the problems I am having with this phone.

  61. mongalo george Reply

    good day,

    my Blackberry 8520 curve is not restarting so I am worried and don’t know what to do so please help ASAP before I go mad.

    • joshua Reply

      Hi there… Mine has been doing the same thing… Except it gives me an app error every time I restart the damn thing and all I can do is restart over and over. If you have had an answer yet, please will you let me know what to do, I’m desperate… Thanks

  62. Rev David Mahon Reply

    I am very disappointed with my BlackBerry 9800. After 11 months this phone started loosing battery power. I would charge it full at night and within about 8 hours during the night the phone would be empty. I have taken this phone to MTN technical services in MIDRAND THREE times. They gave me 2 refurbished phones, new battery and charger an I still have this problem. There is an instability within the phone. I have also paid over R500 for ‘n new battery with no avail. What now?

  63. K Partab Reply

    I got a Blackberry 9900, total waste of money. i can’t wait for my contract to end.

  64. Jeannie Reply

    I bought the Blackberry Bold 9900 and I love it, but the battery life is killing all the love I have for this phone. The battery lasts less than 12 hours. This is really very dissapointing. Tell me this is a fault and something can be done about it. Very dissapointed. Thank you

  65. ray Reply

    This is according to Rui Brites, product director for Africa at Research In Motion (RIM).
    Feb 2012

    BlackBerry in South Africa is closely associated with affordable, flat-rated Internet access. This is, unsurprisingly, one of the biggest drivers of the popularity of BlackBerry devices.

    “For R59 per month on prepaid and post-paid options, the BlackBerry Internet Service offers UNLIMITED on-device Internet browsing and email access at the most affordable rate in South Africa. This service is unique to BlackBerry smartphones,” explains Brites

    “On average, browsing the web is 2 times more efficient; email is 4 times more efficient; and social messaging is 2 times more efficient than other smartphones. This efficiency lowers roaming fees, allows a customer to do more on their data plan and also provides less strain on the carrier networks,” explains Brites

    (Now explain this)

    Mobile operator MTN said on Tuesday that it was also exploring ways to “minimise the negative impact” of its customers using the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) platform “for purposes it was not initially intended for.

    (Which are??????)

    It follows the bombshell dropped by rival operator Vodacom on Monday that it would curb connection speeds of those customers who were “abusing” the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS)
    Vodacom backpedals on BlackBerry BIS cap -iv been experiencing endless slow inter conectivity and download failures with vodacom- I recently tried a mtn sim and it worked like a dream

  66. lesego Reply

    I was given this blackberry by my sister last year october. She was using her own blackberry ID and I was also using it until she changed her pin but she told me the new pin. As I try to use the new pin it gives me problems. And it doesn’t give me the option to create a new blackberry ID

  67. Shanae Moodley Reply

    I have got some serious issues with my BlackBerry 9860. It switched off this morning, and has not come on ever since. When I removed the battery and inserted it again, the white bar stops 3\4 way and then phone reboots itself REPEATEDLY. I went to the BlackBerry Support Forum, and I followed the procedures for the “Battery Pull”, but the problem still persists. Any there any other suggestions? Help needed URGENTLY!

    • Romauld Oosthuizen Reply

      I suggest you upgrade your software to BB 7.1 OS. I’m curios as to where you got a 9860… I was led to believe it hasn’t been made available to SA, yet. I have looked EVERYWHERE.

  68. Mohamed Reply

    I have been trying to reach you for months but was unsuccessful. In our household we have SIX Blackberry phones, five of them are 8520 but I have a 9300.
    In November 2011 I had purchased a Blackberry 9300 from MARHAMS. From February 2012 I have had endless problems with my navigation key. At times my navigation key ‘freezes’ and I am unable to do anything. I tried removing my battery, sim card and micro card thinking that my problem would be solved but it persisted. Presently, I am still having the same problem at least once a day.

    I have taken my phone to Markhams and they had told me that it would take three weeks to repair which I find unacceptable as I need a BLACKBERRY phone at all times. Incidentally, my sister took her son’s phone to Cell C for repairs and the poor youngster has already waited FIVE weeks for his phone.
    Is there any way I can bring in my phone directly to you to have it seen to?

  69. sihle Reply

    My blackberry of 4 months has stopped working, it doesn’t want to switch on. what shall i do about my problem?

  70. lost Reply

    I have no clue how to turn my java script on,and can’t find much help. Anyone know how to fix this?
    Would b much appreciated

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