Contact for Airtel 3G – Find below customer care details of Airtel 3G across the country. You can contact the same for new connections, reporting problems or for additional services.

Airtel 3G

To activate 3G service, Airtel mobile subscribers need to send SMS 3G to 121. All data access will be charged at 30p / 20kb (approx Rs. 15/Mb). There are two kinds of 3G phones available – HSPA and WCDMA enabled. Airtel recommends using HSPA handsets for higher speeds and the best experience of 3G.

3G is sure a better way of working faster. With an Airtel 3G connection you can browse, check your mail at high speed, watch and download videos, upload heavy files, do video calling, pay your bills and stock transactions, video conferencing, know real time location of your friends & family, online gaming, simultaneous voice and data sessions and always stay connected.

Mobile TV – You can now watch TV on mobile. Choose from around 100 channels across genres like sports, entertainment, regional, news, fashion, etc. For the list of channels click here.

To subscribe  SMS TV to 54321. You will be given a link after which you have to download the 3G mobile TV application on your phone. To unsubscribe SMS stop to 121. To check if your handset is compatible click on the below links.

Sony Ericsson

Video Calling – Airtel 3G also gives you the benefit of video calling through which you can see your loved ones during telephonic conversions.

Airtel 3G Plans

For a list of Airtel 3G plans in your city click here Airtel 3G tariffs

3G USB Modems

There are currently two types of Airtel 3G USB Modems – Airtel 3G USB modem 7.2 Mbps – E1731 and Airtel 3G USB modem 3.6 Mbps – E153.
About Airtel 3G

Airtel is the third private operator after Tata Teleservices and Reliance Communications to launch 3G services in India. Airtel has given contracts to leading global vendors — Ericsson India, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) and Huawei Technologies to set up infrastructure for providing 3G services in the country. With one month of its launch across seven cities, including Chennai and Bangalore, more than half-a-million Airtel mobile subscribers have started using 3G services. 3G will allow customers to enjoy exciting service offerings including mobile TV, video calls, high-speed internet and video capabilities on social networks. Airtel was founded by Sunil Bharti Mittal in the year 1995. It is a leading telecommunications company with operations in 19 countries across Asia and Africa. For more details on Airtel products click here.

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  1. Zia ur Rehman Reply

    Dear sir,
    I have recently taken Airtel micro sim 3G Internet postpaid plan on 9818807752 but 3G services not yet started after one week . IF it is not started I will go for cancellation for this sim . You have started billing for 3G . Very poor service from airtel

  2. Mahesh S Reply

    Yesterday I purchased airtel 3G data card dongle bearing SIM NO.9880078131. But I am not able to connect internet in my laptop. Since yesterday I called your customer care many times by using my airtel phone. Your officer told me to contact 98450907070. Even they could not attend my problem. Then they told me to contact 12118. Then they told me to contact 18001030405. Then they told me to contact 9845098450. Then they told me to contact 12134. You are charging 50 paise also but none of your officers are fit enough to give solutions. Now what I should do . I sincerely suggest everyone not to buy airtel data card. Most of your officers are fit enough to talk diplomatically but unfit to solve any problems.

  3. abdullah Reply

    Hi, i got airtel 3G from my bro. he recommended me that it is very good. but i’m using this from 1 month and seems like worst data connection ever. do you know what is the speed of 3G dongle? it is from 2kbps to maximum 18kbps. and also it doesn’t reach even the mentioned speed. and when i call customer care they keep giving numbers to help at all.

  4. Ajit Mani Reply

    I was unable to pay my AIRTEL 3G Postpaid bill of Rs.1067.42 for phone 9980174433 today. I am getting an error message asking me to enter a valid mobile bill. Never happened before. What’s wrong?

  5. Mishra Reply

    I am airtel user since from last many years. Yesterday 23.04.2013 i recharged for 3G internet on my mobile for Rs 252 for 1GB. Recharge was successfully done, but internet service was not activated.As after calling to customer care they said that the service of 3G was not available . It was stopped for all. Now I want get back my Rs 252 back. How do i do that?

  6. Amitkumar Mishra Reply

    Dear sir
    I am airtel user since from last many years. Resently i have problem, that yeasterday 23.04.2013 i recharge for 3G internet on my mobile for Rs 252 for 1GB. Recharge successfully done, but internet service not activated.As after calling to customer he said that the service of 3G was not availabel . It was stoped for all. Now I want get back my Rs 252. How I get it back even if the amount was received by air tel.
    My No is 9665729652

  7. annamalai Reply

    Hi i have purchased Airtel 3g data card, now i am not able to recharge it, i contacted customer care airtel office in Coimbatore. But stupid fellows not able correct the problem. still it is not able to recharge the same. Pl. revert my airtel 3G number is 9944467996.

  8. Annamalai Reply

    I have purchased Airtel 3G Data card on 24.01.2013 in Madurai. Even after 1 month it is not activated. I have contacted customer care n-number of times but no one is giving a responsible answer. Everyone from customer care is giving alternate numbers to contact. No one is giving correct status of the activation.

    • Satish Reply

      Same here, Airtel customer service is really really pathetic customer service. You never get some human to talk. Even complaints entered on their website results into timeout. I am sure this will drive many customers to away from airtel. Airtel, once a good name is now behaving like a mindless kid.

  9. chebadri Reply

    Airtel support is one of the worst service i have every seen in my 8 years of mobile usage.
    Their automated machine is a junk box does not work as intended and their their oncall support is bull shit. they don’t understand english and they just while away asking u to call some other extension.

    Horrible experience

  10. jhonty Reply

    hi i have galaxy y and i m not getting 3g speed on recharge of 101 rps 3g plan please help me

  11. YV Subbarao Reply

    I fail to get the customer care number. I took 3G data card on 23rd November with number 8310645646. Now I donot want to use it please cancel the said account so that I am not taxed further. I am a retired scietist and cannot afford this plan. Please do the needful and help me get rid of using this data card.

  12. john maynard Reply

    5 days after purchasing 3g usb card still no connection. After taking Rs 2000 the latest excuse is that Airtel do not allow foreigners to have these! We noticed that thisd dealer did not know how to fillout the form or how to read the country name in the passport copy and complete the form!!! So is it really the Airtel rule or is it the dealer?!!!

  13. vasudevan Reply

    nearly three days ..not yet activated my 3g datacard person is responding me..calling to cust other person to contact, how many of them to contact, iam fed up to contact the right person i dont know..

  14. Sohan Bachhety Reply

    Airtel is now going down and down in comparison of other service provider of 3G Data Card and Sim. I was highly disappointed after buying a Data Card of Airtel 3G from Uttam Nagar. It’s not working fine and in fact it is irritating to talk with the customer care executives as they are unable to satisfy the customers and resolving the queries.

  15. krishna mohan Reply

    I am using airtel 3g modem from 3 months in varanasi …i used to play battlefield 3 online multiplayer with that….i got good speed in the first month and i also was getting 50-56 ms ping on indian servers and 100-150 ms ping on asian servers….but from 2nd month my speed has gone down and am not getting good ping even in indian am getting 100-150 ms ping on indian servers and above 200 ping on asian servers…i m a student and from middle class family …i used to subscribe to your 10 gb plans for 1245 Rs. per month from my savings …but now i think that i have to switch to some other 3g network…or plz ensure gud connection in varanasi …coz airtel 3g connection in varanasi is so not good..

  16. Reply

    This is to inform after repeated complaints raised at call center .for past 10 days still my issue is not solved .this was not expected from airtel services any how I am changing this services.and also the no which was given was a recycle one I am also getting calls from different persons stating that no belongs to them.I am not at all happy. Any how I request the people who are using or wants the service to avoid and go for other network service.really I am totally fed up with this.

  17. prabhjyot Reply

    i have sony ericsson naite phone.. and i have 3g activation on it.
    but i cannot make a video call .. wat is the problem??

  18. Suraj Reply

    I’m using samsung galaxy s2.. From the past 3 weeks, I’m only getting 2g speed even though I have subscribed for 3g.I have complained several times to the customer care but in vain! Plz help’s rearly getting irritating.

  19. midhunch Reply

    I am from kadalundi nagaram (anangadi), malappuram district. I want to know if airtel has 3g facility here? If no, when will it be launched? Waiting for reply.

  20. Faraz baig Reply

    Hi.i have a nokia e7 mobile in which i put a airtel postpaid sim.i dont know how but somehow 3G mobile internet got activated and at the end of the month i got a whopping rs 13000 can i deactivate this internet service?please help me.

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