Contact Air India  in Singapore : Find below phone and address of Air India office in Singapore.


Air India
152 Beach Road
#04-05 Gateway East
Singapore 189721

Telephone: 62259411 (General) or 98252195
Email:  [email protected]


#B16-006-02 Passenger Terminal Building Terminal 2 60 Airport Boulevard Singapore 918157

[email protected]

00-65-65428444 /    65423991

About Air India / Indian Airlines
Based in Mumbai, Indian Airlines is a state owned major airline that is managed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. In the year 2005, Indian Airlines was rebranded as Indian. The airline operates closely with Air India. The airline started its operation on 1 August 1953. For more details on Indian Airlines visit the link here Contact Indian Airlines. For booking tickets online visit the website at

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  1. Seshadri Raman Reply

    Very poor service. No communication on flight status even if the flight is cancelled and no one answers the phone during office hours. I would strongly recommend people from Singapore to avoid travelling by this airline.

  2. Cdr. Kujadkumar Jani Reply

    This is specially to put on record my deep appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to the staff at Singapore Airport office (in the Basement).

    I would not have been able to attend and do the cremation of my Late Father at Ahmedabad, India, on 3rd November ’14, had it not been for the “out-of-the-way action” by the staff of the Air India Airport office at Singapore, especially a lady officer.

    At about 4 PM, Sunday 2nd November this year, while I was at my daughter’s house at Singapore, we received the telephone call from Ahmedabad, India, informing that my father was breathing his last.

    Telephonic reservation was done by my daughter (through her United Air miles) on Singapore Airlines flight direct to Ahmedabad. At Singapore airport the Singapore airlines counter staff found that my last name was wrongly spelled and the ticket was not valid. The counter closed and I missed my Singapore airlines flight. It was already 6:25 PM by then.

    The only possible flight remaining that day was Air India taking off at 7:55 PM. I almost ran to the office of the Air India (Basement) at the Changi airport. I was offered a cup of tea and a seat by a lady officer. The other staff member started doing my reservation.

    I was required to pay Singapore $ 485.00 cash for the ticket to Ahmedabad (via Mumbai), which I didn’t have outright. There was no time for my daughter to bring in money from home which is more than half hour drive. I was exasperated and discussing with the executive and the Manager as to the best way to get money within the time crunch.

    At that moment the lady officer offered me the cash. My daughter telephonically promised repayment forthwith.

    Rest is history. They fought against the time, under instructions from the Manager, got me confirmed Singapore- Mumbai-Ahmedabad ticket and put me on the plane. They offered their cell phones to enable communicate with my daughter while embarking so that my arrival could be informed in Ahmedabad.
    The humanitarian approach, positive attitude, compassion and trust of the officer, the Manager and staff of the Air India Office at Changi International Airport Singapore is extremely moving and miraculous for me. But for them, I wouldn’t have been able to perform the last rites and cremation of my father.

    How can I ever repay this gratitude?

    Ever grateful,
    Kujakumar Jani

    P.S. I know that the present condition of Air India is due to the malicious treatment and deliberate undermining of the of the National carrier by the Government in last 10 years. Still they are holding on and we see such wonderful acts of humanity.

  3. Patsy Reply


    My travel agent booked my air ticket to india and I can’t contact her because she is overseas and not contactable .
    So how can I check my flight details without the E-ticket reference number?
    Please advise as I need to make some changes to my flight.
    Thank you!

  4. Gurcharanjit S Reply

    I booked to fly Air India’s Dreamliner from Singapore to New Delhi on 1 April 2014. It was a Dreamliner but the flight was everything but a DREAM. The “fat” stewardess were arrogant and grumpy. It was as if the passengers owed then a living. Service on that flight was horrendous. When the food was served all they had was a large bottle of plain water (warm) and no juices. You had to specifically ask for that. When you asked for ice they said it was cold water (ice 0ne (1) cube which was brought to you in a glass). I have travelled on many airlines and Air India’s service standard is the lowest. I do not how know they a going to be part of Star Alliance with this standard of service. The inflight crew definitely need RETRAINING in manners and service standards. I waited 20 mins for service and when I went to the galley 4 of the ladies were sitting on boxes chatting away. From the time the meal was served there was no sight of the inflight crew.
    I can describe the service as ATROCIOUS.

  5. Sunil Rodrigues Reply

    Worst airline I have ever come across in life. Worst customer service. Never again will I travel with this Airline if I have a choice.

  6. Rajendra Reply

    The worst Airline, I have seen in my life. I booked my return ticket from Singapore to Mumbai. 3 weeks before I got call from Air India saying that my return flight changed and now gap between the 2 flights is increase by 2 hrs.
    Now again I get call from Air India saying that my 1st flight from singapore to Mumbai is also changed and they did booked for 1 stop instead of direct flight.
    Totally firstruted with Air India and they are not responding to me.

    Is there any way, I can do the the claim withe them for new booking with new Airline?

  7. First trip to India Reply

    I booked return tickets for my trip to Port Blair via Chennai. On the return (29th April 2013), will arrive at Chennai at 10am and then take off to Singapore at 1pm. Unfortunately, Air India emailed me 3 weeks before the flight and told me that I have been rebooked on the 0045 flight to Singapore on the same day (29th April). Shouldn’t they have known that I will not be able to make it for that flight as I wouldnt have arrived in Chennai yet???
    I called and changed to the next flight (30th April @ 0045). Now I will be stuck in Chennai for >12 hrs!! Will I even be able to leave the airport?

  8. Suganthi Reply

    Booked a ticket to India in mid Feb 2013. Travel date 15th Mar. Agent called to say flight rescheduled to 16th Mar & arrival flight back to Spore also has a change in time. Tried calling the AIR India office several times & finally realised its a waste of time.This is my 1st booking wz Air India & definitely my last. Such crappy service. The word service does not even exist in their dictionary. Lousy airline & service!

  9. P.SEKAR Reply

    The worst AIRLINE staff is in Air India only. Lousy service..lazy fellows. I try to contact this office, but even one time also no response? Better the govt. should close this office. Corruption…with the travel could not get the ticket by online payment system. Luckily after 25th attempt, i got the ticket.. Miracle..I can’t believe myself.

  10. RP Reply

    This should be the worst airline in the entire world i ever know. Even when we do advance booking (2 months earlier)..THEY WILL change OUR travel date plans without any permission..they just send you the changed itinerary which you will be forced to stick on..what a service!!!!!!….
    I booked SG to chennai on 8-Feb-2013 21:05 2 months before and now they postpone my ticket to morning flight on 9th Feb (this is through Phone) and through mail its 8th Feb morning….without any permission…even for the return they changed my date of flying…they wont mind on the inconvenience and the impact….I get a LOP for a day leave..WILL AI PAY ME???

    I already have booked my train tickets for a tour according to this plan…this plan change will totally collapse my family tour…and also my plan of attending my family function…will AI answer to this..nahhhhhh

    I tried to call them several times but no one is bothered to pick the phone..they are least bothered about the customers…..AI will never grow with this type of service and attitude…VERY POOR SERVICE…

  11. Dominic Samuels Reply


  12. Swaminathan Reply

    I have booked and cancelled the ticket online, I also sent an email to [email protected] for refund. However I wanted to know how long does the refund take, and do I need to keep on following up or does the refund happen with just an email sent.

  13. vikrant Reply

    In Nov I booked 3 AI return tickets from Singapore to Delhi and from Delhi to Amritsar and return in Feb. Last week i got itinerary changed from AI. I called customer service in India and they told me that flight has been cancelled. I asked for alternate options, they put me on hold for 10 mins and never came back and this happened 3-4 times and finally i gave up.

    On Monday i called customer care in Singapore and they picked up my call and they discussed this issue with me properly and told me that there is no flight for that timing in whole month of Jan and not sure how that ticket got booked, so they asked me i have to come to Air India Singapore office to discuss about it. As I planned for a visit, i got a call from AI Singapore office saying that they will be booking my tickets with Jet Airways on the same day and around same time. I was really surprised to see such instant response from AI office even without visiting AI office. By evening i got new itinerary from them with Delhi to Amritsar ticket booked. I was really happy with AI customer service in Singapore and just want to say thanks to them for resolving my problem in such a short time.

  14. sharon Reply

    I have booked and cancelled the ticket online, I also sent an email to [email protected] for refund. However I wanted to know how long does the refund take, and do I need to keep on following up or does the refund happen with just an email sent.

    • j Reply

      Sharon, know its a very late reply. but just so others know, it takes 3-4 weeks for the money to be refunded, via credit card booking. roughly the booking fee is deducted. i got a return ticket for 500 bucks and i get back 410/420 minus 80, which i think is a big margin of deduction.

  15. Nan Reply

    This airlines is managed by people who all have crap in their head !!!!!!!!
    Filthy service. They all should be sacked and office be closed.

    The address and contacts as given below..not even one is picking the phone !!!!!

    Mr. Nirbhik Rai Narang
    Country Manager
    [email protected] 152 Beach Road
    #04-05 The Gateway (EAST)
    Singapore 189721

    Sales & Marketing
    [email protected]
    Resvn Office Time:

    Mr. P. Kujur
    Dy. Airport Manager

    [email protected] #B16-006-02
    Passenger Terminal Building
    Terminal 2
    60 Airport Boulevard
    Singapore 918157

  16. Avinesh Kumar Gupta Reply

    My wife and daughter booked ticket from Singapore to India by allowing 30kg per person. At time of boarding AirIndia CC Officer was telling that per person only can carry 20kg. I had a big debate on that and finally when I showed him the actual ticket which I received at my mobile which mentioned 30kg then finally they allowed to carry 30kg per person. They were saying that their system is showing 20kg and was stick with that. Luckily I had that ticket.

    Apart from this, we had some excess baggage of around 7kg for which they charged unexpected and non-standard rate of SGD40 per kg. I paid for this because my wife and small daughter was flying first time alone and didn’t want to give them any trouble in middle.

    Later I called Singapore CC for excess baggage charges and they said that there is no standard rate. Rates are decided by their system at time of boarding only which can be anything.

    I had a very bad experience and services offered by Air India.

  17. Dhawal Reply

    Crazy S***. This is the only word… I have a flight,Singapore to Mumbai,at 8 a.m. in morning and I am notified Via email at 11.30 previous night that the flight has been rescheduled and delayed. I have a domestic flight. There is no customer service number in Singapore and no one picks phone in India. God knows whats happening. This is my first and last time flying Air India..

    • Aditya Reply

      Air India is an excellent airline when it comes to doing its best to maintain its dominant position as the worst airline in the world. They say the office is open from 9am till 5pm on working days. Today is a working day and it is 9:20am. No one is answering the phone at the Singapore office. I do not even get a wait-message. Also, if you need to pay a penalty, e.g., for changing a toicket, you will need to physically go to the Beach Rd office!! At least this is what the agent told me on the phone.

  18. Karunakaran Reply

    I am writing as a concerned customer about the lack of service in addressing the matter of refunding my money to me after I cancelled my flight in April this year. I have yet to receive any information on how I may go about collecting my refund in cash or cheque.

    I am disappointed that up till now, no positive action towards this matter has been taken. It makes me and others in my confidance, want to reconsider choosing to fly with Air India in the future if this is the type of service we can expect from the airlines.

    I would appreciate an immediate refund of my money as cash/cheque as I had cancelled my flight within the allocated time frame. As I explained in an earlier email, I have no use of a voucher especially if I have to use it by Feb 2013.

    For your reference:

    The PNR number is IX11512355, booked on 16th Feb 2012, cancelled on 7th April 2012.

  19. uma Reply

    today i went to airindia office to ask the baggage allowance. actually they told 30 kg while booking now they are saying only 20kg. they are cheating. airindia customer service is very poor. they are not talking properly with the passengers. its very poor service. dont book in this flight. mainly customer service is very very poor. the ladies are simply acting and getting money.

    • Avinesh Kumar Gupta Reply

      I agree I faced the same problem.

      If you want to be in some unexpected trouble that you might face similarly. Please take this flight.

      One example the way of cheating, when you print the ticket from Air India website they don’t show check-in baggage allowance. But at the time of booking they show that they are giving 30kg per person. When you go for boarding they say that their system is showing only 20kg. Even if you show them their printed ticket which doesn’t show the baggage allowance limit they will charge you with unexpected and very high rates.

  20. ganesh Reply

    I tried to book online ticket but the payment page expired after giving the secure password. I dialed SIngapore office, nobody pick the call.

    • hari Reply

      I have the same problem, tried it twice over the last two days. Did you manage to book the ticket or go to their office?

  21. Mohamed Asik Reply

    Never book ticket on this airline. They do not want to work. After giving lot of money why should we face this kind of problem ? Now i can see why it is going to loose. If no one receives the phone of customers then who is going to travel with them.


    • Raju Reply

      Worst service i have ever seen… one lady picks up the phone after listening the whole story..she told hangon..and disappeared. again…called…8 times no onepicked..i tried for one week.
      Finally i got answered ..but she asked me to send a mail. No response for the mail. I will never buy the ticket from and i will tell my friends also the same.

  22. Musthafa Kamal Reply

    Hello Air India, Your google map for Singapore office still showing UIC Building address which is incorrect. You just google Air India Singapore office you will know the wrong address. In fact my friend has visited UIC bldg yesterday and came back saying it is under demolition. What a joke !!!! Please update your Singapore map address. Thanks

    • Priya Reply

      Dear Sir,

      Google map is a independent web service. They have no association with Air India. Whether they update the map or not, air india singapore is not responsible it. Kindly check with for the correct information.


      • Rai Reply

        Bullshit. No point checking with Air India office when we call no one picks up. Why don’t u five the fu***ng number to call. Just read all the comments. I bet u none of them are positive or in your favour. You guys from Air India please learn from Singapore Airlines to be pro active to your passengers.

  23. Noel Reply

    Tried all numbers.. none of them is working..just wasted money calling!

  24. Sivakumar Reply

    I have been trying Air India ofice @ +65 62259411 ..No response for 1hour & the office timings state 9AM to 5PM …
    Is someone please let know where Air India office is located in Singapore & the contact #’s

    • customer help Reply

      The address on the website is correct. Try calling the central office in Delhi.

  25. Anonymous Reply

    Dear All,

    Pls refrain from calling 98252195. Yes it is the Manager’s number, but its a personal number. Someone purposely placed her number into this website, due to this she is very stressed and is unable to use her personal line.

    With regards to answering the calls, they are trying our level best to answer all calls from 9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday) and 9am to 1pm (Saturday).

    If it is about date changes pls walk into the office from 9am to 5pm weekdays and 9am to 1pm Saturday.

    Regarding refunds, if you purchase it online ( the refunding process is that you cancel it in Singapore, and the staff of Airindia Singapore will send a EMAIL to BOMBAY, as they are the ones who deal with the refunding process for web booking. If you purchase it from A travel agency you have to get back with they regarding the refunds as they have their own policies with how much refund has to be given. If you purchase ticket from Air India Singapore, thats when you will be able to get refund quickly.

    Regarding Bagagges, as long as they leave Singapore to other counties Singapore Changi airport will be accountable to that. If they are coming from another country Singapore Changi Airport will not be responsible for it.

    • varun Reply

      This is responsibility of Air India to post all the numbers in Singapore! If someone is not picking up phone number, you should not blame the customers for calling to that number.

  26. Raji Reply

    Dear Sirs,

    We (AIR INDIA) highly apologise for the inconvenience caused so far.
    To service you better I would like to take opportunity to place my e-mail [email protected] publically, so that all of you can get in touch with me for any complaints and issues.

    You may also reach us at 62259411 and 62214909 (DID)

    Please note:-
    Our below number are not inorder any more
    63257247/48/49 instead please reach us at 62259411 which is a hunting line.


    • Mohamad Nasser Reply

      Sent you email you still did not bother to reply.No point apologizing when you don’t mean it.


    • kumar Reply

      seriously Airndia should stop having any call centre, even we keep calling for ages , you will not show mercy to attend to the customer calls. \
      Airndia reschedules its flights at will and then doesnt care to attend to the customers.
      today i have been calling since morning and every time no answer after the initial office hours information. monday, tuesday, i called called and as i did not get an answer i had to go to the office. and today they dont answer. its better close everything , why giving us bloody false impression with phone numbers which never work, even the DID number also no one picks,

      its shame..

    • Rama Moorthy Reply

      I have written to you regarding the amount that was held for flight booking that was not cancelled. Since the transaction on 23/11/12 no payment was refunded yet. But payment for confirmed tkts were already deducted.
      Pls look into it.


    This is to inform you that I had travelled by AI 380 today (21st May, 2012) to Singapore. My ticket no. is 098-2103488741 in the name of Yashwant Joshi. My boarding pass no. is 110 and seat allotted was 19A. I had checked in my baggage at Delhi airport to be delivered at Jakarta as I was going to board JT 153 (Lion Air) from Singapore today. I was issued a baggage ticket bearing # 0098936748.

    On my arrival at Jakarta (CGK), I found that the baggage did not reach. I have reported the matter to Lion Air office at the airport.

    You are requested to kindly arrange to find the baggage and send it across to me. The baggage is a Blue coloured American Touristor (brand) with wheels and handle.

    You can either inform me over mail or contact me at Jakarta – my mobile no. is +62 8131 0617 525 .

  28. Kapil Sharma Reply

    Air India Address has been changed from 01 May 2012 , I came to know when i reached their old address and found a small notice. They should change their address on their site as well. But you can Note thier new address

    Air India
    152 Beach ROad
    #04-05 Gateway East
    Singapore 189721
    Ph No : 6225 9411 (Which no body will pick)

    • mina Reply

      when there is strike by air india pilots, why cant they even pick up the phone when the passengers have anxieties on their flight confirmation/cancellation of their travel dates. It is frustrating. Mr.Sharma has rightly pointed out this.

    • Deepa Reply

      Hi Kapil, thanks for the info. I have been trying the old number for last 3 days.

  29. kartik Reply

    Never book ticket on this airline. They do not want to work. After giving lot of money why should we face this kind of problem ? Now i can see why it is going to loose. If no one receives the phone of customers then who is going to travel with them.

  30. Sara Reply

    Holy shit!! None of these numbers in Singapore work…either nobody picks up or it doesn’t exist anymore! Have been trying to call for past 3 weeks and no use at all. Went down to the office once to cancel AIr India express ticket and the folks there are saying the Air Inida express system for modifying/cancelling tickets is down, so try after 10 days! How can a National carrier work without any backup in place? I’m really horrified and have no words to describe the lousy, pathetic customer service! Btw… im still trying to login and cancel but not able to. Does anyone know whether the system is up and running already?

    • sats Reply

      You better call the callcenter in india and get it done 022-27580777. coz i’ve done the same.

    • Hiren Reply

      you arer right … bloody hopeless services.. no one picks up the call and when i call indian call centre the hang up my phone..

  31. Pricebreaker Reply

    my passenger flight on 06 May was cancelled when i came in to work this morning, AI re-scheduled it to the next day departure. i callled AI Singapore office, a helpful lady helped me to changed the flight and revalidated the ticket without charges, the line was not that difficult to get thru and the staff was really helpful and fast.

  32. Meera Reply

    The response from AI is hopeless. They dont care to respond or pick up call. I did a online booking from Singapore to chennai and back. However, my meal preference was not accepted by the system. I am trying to call the SG office but with no response from them.
    I managed to get a Delhi number from their website that was listed as call centre to assist issues with online booking.The gentleman who picked the call says its his personal number!!!. After requesting he took my ticket deatils.When I asked if he can add the meal preference he insists I must call back after some time. What a pathetic service! Ironically they do not have any toll free umber for Singapore listed on their web site.
    Dont understand when and how things are going to improve with India….

    • Imp Reply

      This is the most lame airline of the world and worst customer care till date. I have made a booking from singapore->chennai->visakhapatnam. The flight from chennai visakhapatnam is cancelled. They have put me in another flight on next day. I was not taken into confidence. Now i have to reach vizag the same day and i dont know how to cancel the flight to book for another flight. Both loss of money and effort..

      Air India sucks..

  33. Sachin Reply

    Hi, I was trying to book flight from Singapore to Mumbai and the site response was so slow.
    I was being patient and tried 2 – 3 times and every time i got failure message for booking.
    Pls help me to book the ticket.

  34. Rama Reply

    Dear Sir
    On 9th Mar 2012 I sent a group of 25pax to Delhi on flight A1381 and the counter
    open at 7am .I waited till 8am to check in due to your new system fault and the counter staff (XING) was very rude and came from (PLC). Why is your airline trying to recruit cheap labor from PLC. This will cause delay and comunication problem daily at the counter. Please kindly place staff who really can speak Hindi or Tamil at the counter for good.

  35. Ravi Reply

    My baggage was broken while travelling on your airline and nobody is helping me about the same. I am a frequent flier with Air India.

  36. Anand Reply

    Hi ,

    could you please let me know the status of the Trip ID 1201308296

    Please find the below message for your reference

    We have charged you Rs. 21,877, details of which are given below. Please do not panic. If your booking is not confirmed, we will refund your money completely




    Its a shame on Indian airlines and its employees. The customer service is worlds worst service and the emplyees are very ill mannered. I would recommend to the whole world that never use Air India for travelling anywhere in the world, they deserve to be left alone.
    But still they are so shameless that they will not do anything even after getting these reviews.

  38. sasikumar Reply

    I booked a ticket Singapore to Chennai in Economy class.I see my e-ticket baggage allowance 20kg.My question is how many kg luggage allowed.please clear my doubt.


    I will be travelling from singapore to chennai on 1st dec 2011 by AI347.I was told by my friend that 1st dec( thursday) flight will be cancelled. But I didn’t get any info on this.

    Pls let me know whether the flight is cancelled? if yes let me know when is the next flight.

  40. Benson Reply

    I confirmed my flight on Air India on 15/12/11 one way(from Singapore to Chennai). I booked the ticket online and paid the full fare. Due to change in plan, I need to cancel my trip to Chennai, I need to cancel my ticket and can I get a full refund? Please advice.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      please see the cancellation terms printed on your can reschedule your ticket online or by talking to a customer representative.

    • Reeta Reply

      Really F—ed up service.
      No wonder Indians cannot progress.
      The most useless service office.

  41. Mehta Reply

    This is the WORST customer care service I have ever come accross…..I called the 62214909 no & the lady just gave a reservations no & very rudely hung up.

  42. S.Venkat Reply

    I have been caliing Air Office Singapore since 9.30 a.m morning on 12.11.2011. No calls were picked up. I called the Admin no 63257203 and i asked the Gentleman whther there was anybody in Reservation/Ticketing to pick up Phone calls and he gave the tel no 62259411 to call up. Nobody answered the calls and also when i tried to call 63257203 again calls went unanswered. Can Airindia Manager Singapore seriously look into the matter. Preferably he should call his own office to see the service he gets.

    • sim Reply

      I totally agree with Venkat. Calling AI is a tedious task. THEY NEVER PICK UP THE CALLS. How can a working person contact AI in emergency or no emergency????

      Manager MUST look into it and if they are short of manpower, it should be increased.


  43. JR Reply

    Hi! I bought Air India tickets, but need to change the travel dates. I sent emails and called the phone numbers I could find on this site, but no one ever replied, nor picked up the phone. Please tell me the actual contact person I can reach. Thank yoU!

  44. Siva Reply

    Hi I booked My ticket on 10th Nov but I need to reschedule on 27th Jan 2012. Please advise. Thanks.

      • JR Reply

        What is the number to call? I called all the numbers listed on this website but nobody ever picks up the phone. Please give me the exact no. to call. Thank you!

  45. Mahendran Reply

    I booked an e-ticket to fly to India on Air India express on 9-Nov-2011. There was a spelling mistake on the name of the passenger who is travelling. Would like to correct the name as per the passport. Can it be done over the phone? or is there any way I could do it over the web?

  46. Virali Nayak Reply

    I was scheduled to leave singapore on the 17th of October, 2011 by Air India to Ahmedabad. However due to personal reasons I had to reschedule the flight to 25th.My travel agent in A’dabad redirected me to S’pore office. Due to work pressures I am unable to come personally to your office. Can I reschedule my flight over the phone?

  47. Srinivas Reply

    I want to Cancel my Flight Tickets on Dec-10 to Dec-26.Please let me know where I need to Cancel & to get back my refund Amount?

  48. C.Uma Reply

    Can anyone let me know if I can carry 47inch LED TV to India from Singapore in Air India flight?


      • C.Uma Reply

        I was informed by the delivery section in the shop that only 42 inch is allowed in the Air India

        • CCC - Sam Reply

          I was referring not to “carry-on luggage” but as part of check-in luggage..

  49. T.M. Reply

    no one to recieve the call in office hours as mentioned above. need some clarification about postpone of my travel.

  50. sundaram Reply

    tried all singapore telephone no…nobody answering…this is why nobody like to take air india flights…the service is horrible..if Indian people work like this we can never grow!!

  51. skay Reply

    I have been trying to call the AI office in S’pore for the last one week. No one answers any of their several numbers. An email sent to them is unacknowleged. Perhaps it’s time for AI to close shop permanently.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      please place call the Air India headquarters in Mumbai..your complaint will be addressed asap..

  52. Arvinder Reply

    I have sent this email to [email protected] and copy to [email protected] on 20th Aug’11, then on 22nd Aug and again on 2nd Sep’11. And tried calling your number at S’pore 62214909 many times ( its always engaged ). For God’s sake, pls give me a reply.

    I am an Indian Citizen and permanent resident (PR) of Singapore since 2003.

    I was scheduled to travel flight AI380 on 20.04.2011 at 0.05 hrs. But flight was announced as ‘cancelled’ 5 minutes before departure.

    After myself and all passengers protested for this last minute cancellation, Air India arranged for all the passengers to depart by their partner airline Singapore Airlines flight no.SQ405 on 20.04.2011 at 7.55a.m. ( Air India and Singapore Airlines boarding passes attached herewith ).

    Since there was a delay in departure of more than 6 hours ( 7 hrs , 50 minutes to be precise ), I have claimed for compensation from my Insurance Company in Singapore ‘NTUC Income’ by submitting all documents, including the Air India letter stating that the flight was cancelled. However, they are asking for ‘Airline Verification on the number of hours delayed and the cause for such delay’.

    Kindly send me the above asap to process my claim.

    Thank you and best regards,

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      contact Air India office in Singapore for the the way why are you making a claim for delay? on what grounds should you get a compensation? :)

  53. boopathy Reply

    no one to recieve the call in office hours as mentioned above. need some clarification about postpone of my travel.
    please let me know which number to call? for assistance.

  54. manoj Reply

    Last month i cancelled my ticket on AirIndia because of freakin pilot strike. Air India told me they would fully redeem the ticket price and for that i have to go to Mustafa. Now it’s more than 1&1/2 month still didn’t receive the money. Mustafa claims no response from Air India.

    Can Air India do something about it.

    I have never travelled air india before and this was the first time to save one day of my leave.m

  55. PUNKAJ MEHTA Reply

    My wife was suppose to travel from New Delhi to Singapore on the 2nd May 2011 but due to your Pilot strikes, the flight was cancelled and we were not given any confirmation when you would resume service. The Airport staff had recommended to seek a refund which was attested by your New Delhi Airport staff. I have sent an email to your e-commerce address for a refund but no acknowledgement or refund has been issued. It has been more than 20 days and when i call the Air India Customer care in India, all they say is, please send an email again to our ecommerce address as there is nobody able to assist me. How can I get my refund? This is very disappointing that a NATIONAL CARRIER LIKE AIR INDIA CAN”T HANDLE REFUND FOR CUSTOMERS THAT HAVE BEEN INCONVENIENCED BY THEIR OWN POOR POLICIES OF PAYING PILOTS. I would like someone (not a machine) to come back to me on my local Singapore Number and assist me on processing the refund. I will STRONGLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE NOT TO TRAVEL ON AIR INDIA IN THE FUTURE.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      Punkaj, the current state of Air India is very sad. It is an organisation with no clear head. There is poor communication and passengers have been complaining more than ever before. In regard to your refund, you should try emailing the bosses at Air India. Else you could even visit the closest Air India office. I am sure you would get it..but might just take time..

  56. Madhu bala chhibber Reply

    I flew on AI 380 on 22nd May2011, which was 12 hours delayed . Upon arrival into my destination Singapore, I saw my bag lock was broken and few things were missing. I need to make a report regarding the same. Please send me the contact number on which I can make the report.
    Thank you

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      you can place a complaint by visiting the Air India website…you can find the details of itheir contact on this page..

  57. Singaporean Reply

    I booked a ticket to Delhi from singapore, and wanted to make some changes to it. Been calling all contact no of Air India, both singapore and India office, nobody answered. very frustrating, is this how they operate their customer service?

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      its very sad it happened…did you call during the working hours? try mailing them

  58. Mayank Kocher Reply

    My daughter, Kashvi Kocher, is studying at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore.

    She has been using the Air India flights for her to and fro journeys between New Delhi and Singapore during the past two years.

    Kashvi is booked to return to New Delhi from Singapore on Flight No. AI481 on 27th April 2011 vide Booking Reference No. JCKT4.
    This ticket was purchased by Kashvi from your Singapore office on 14th January 2011 against payment of cash SGD 415.00.

    I have been trying to call up your office since last few days but without any success.

    I will be grateful if you respond to my this mail and let me know the procedure for getting the refund of the unused ticket.

    Also, since Kashvi needs to get her baggage from her hostel in Singapore, can you let me the possibility of her baggage being booked by her friends as “unaccompanied baggage”.
    If this would be possible, what are the formalities, procedure and cost for the same?

    Thanking you and looking forward to your kind assistance.

    mayank kocher.
    Place: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

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