Contact Air India  in Seoul : Find below phone and address of Air India office in Seoul

6F Shin-A Bldg 39-1 Seosomun-Dong, Jung-Gu Seoul 100 752

82-2-752-6310 OR 6311


Inchon International Airport Of Seoul (ICN) Room no 2044, Passenger Terminal, Incheon Int’l Airport Unseo dong,Jung-gu, Incheon City 400-715, Republic of Korea


About Air India / Indian Airlines
Based in Mumbai, Indian Airlines is a state owned major airline that is managed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. In the year 2005, Indian Airlines was rebranded as Indian. The airline operates closely with Air India. The airline started its operation on 1 August 1953. For more details on Indian Airlines visit the link here Contact Indian Airlines. For booking tickets online visit the website at

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  1. jorge pedro Reply

    Hello, I will take air India flight this monday 12 may at 2:15 pm Seoul – Hong Kong…. I have one box of 80 cm x 70 cm x 70 cm and weigh is 30 kilogram is possible take this

  2. Javar Singh Reply

    Dear Mr. Kishore

    I have been repeating my concern again and again, that this is only MY LOSS.
    As mentioned in my earlier mails, I have already paid for the security and safety of my belongings to Air India which they have not performed.

    I want the concerned authorities to find out the loup and locate my luggage. We passengers have been paying millions as Airlines Security. How are we safe when a 19 Kg bag is lost in Air ?

    If you feel as an authority this is not your fault, or fault of your office, Please refer me to the table which you find is more responsible than your office.


    Javar Singh

  3. Javar Singh Reply

    To my surprise. No one from Air India has ever responded to any of these messages.It has been four months now since i lost my luggage.
    I have few question here..
    a) If I pay extra charges for airport security. How come is it possible that a 19 Kg bag is lost in Air ?
    b) Who should be held for it ?

  4. Javar Singh Reply

    Shocked to see the replies from Air India about my lost luggage. What a waste of time and energy to deal with Air India.

    Dear Mr Jabar Singh,

    For your kind info,

    As we explained Air India lost bag compensation,

    Your bag wt was 19kgs, we can compensate 19 X USD20.00 = USD380.00 equivalent KRW444,980

    (Based on today’s exchange rate), but we have to deduct Interim relief amount(KRW85,750) from above.

    Thus we can provide Total KRW359,230 as missing bag final settlement.

    We know this is far from your missing bag real value, and feel sorry about this procedure,

    Please kindly accept our sincere apology.

    Best regards,

    Christopher Kim

  5. Javar Singh Reply

    I lost my luggage worth 1000$’s on Air India flight from Delhi to Seoul.
    I have been spined to every corner by air india seoul staff.
    Very Very BAD experience. Plz don’t travel by Air India.

  6. venugopalsubbian Reply

    I already booked air india flight on 30th june,2011 at 14.15P.M. Because of this, I need to take one day leave. Is there any other air india flight available after 8P.M or any other suggestion please.

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