Contact Air India  in Hyderabad : Find below phone and address of Air India office in Hyderabad

(for AI coded flights)

5-10-193 Haca Bhavan, Hill Fort Road Saifabad Hyderabad – 500004

mailto:[email protected]

Call Centre – 1800 22 77 22 (Through BSNL 24×7)
Call Centre – 0124-2877 777 (Through Mob. 24×7)

040-23389712 (1000-1300 & 1345-1730 Hrs only)
(Only for issues unresolved at Call Centre)

(For IC coded  flights)

5-10-193 Haca Bhavan Hill Fort Road Saifabad Hyderabad – 500004

Call Centre – 1800 180 1407 (Through BSNL & Mob. 24×7)

040-23430334 (1000-1300 & 1345-1730 Hrs only)
[Only for Issues unresolved at Call Centre]


AO-26 Level-G, PTB,
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport,
Shamshabad – 501218

For AI Coded Flights:

Call Centre – 1800 22 77 22 (Through BSNL 24×7)
Call Centre – 0124 2877 777 (Thru Mob. 24×7)

For IC Coded Flights:
Call Centre – 1800 180 1407 (Through BSNL and Mob. 24×7)
Baggage Enquiries – 66603019 (1000-1700 Hrs only)

About Air India / Indian Airlines
Based in Mumbai, Indian Airlines is a state owned major airline that is managed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. In the year 2005, Indian Airlines was rebranded as Indian. The airline operates closely with Air India. The airline started its operation on 1 August 1953. For more details on Indian Airlines visit the link here Contact Indian Airlines. For booking tickets online visit the website at

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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please tell me how to get a fare estimate certificate of Air India for the sector Delhi-Hyderabad one way only. I would be thankful to you.

  2. Purayat Mathai Thomaskutty Reply

    Sir, One Travel agent cheated us by booking an International Ticket from Hyderabad to New York in Air India without checking the ‘expiry date’ of my 2 children’s pass-port.(We had sent the copy of all the 4 pass ports to the agent). Thus we lost more than Rs-10,0000/- The tragedy was so painful that we could know about it only at the time of ” checking- in”time. We had to rush for another new pass-port since the old one was taken from kerala. Anyway we got a new one within 5 days and could travel in Air India again to New York. Tell me what can I do?

  3. Narendra Reply

    My flight from HYD-DEL-GAU was booked on 03/12/2012 vide PNR HY31J but DEL-GAU flight being cancelled was rescheduled for 04/12/2012. I was asked to take the reimbursement of Taxi fare for to-and-fro to airport by the Air India duty manager at the airport.
    Accordingly I had availed Dot Cab services and on submission of vouchers for the taxi fare along with photocopy of both the tickets and forwarding letter it was informed that I have been over charged and the matter will be looked into and sorted out with Dot Cab and the reimbursement will be made and shall be informed in a day or two.
    Now, it is almost 10 days but no response in spite of your office having my postal address, mobile no. and e-mail ID. Ny amount of Rs.5,170/- is held up for reimbursement by the Air India airport authorities who had assured that the amount will paid through their Tezpur office.

  4. Divya Reply

    I travelled on airindia flight on 26th of august,2012 from hyderabad to pune. I happend to misplace my boarding pass. I am expected to submit a boarding pass along with the ticket to get the flight fare reimbursed by my company. Is there any other go where i can request to get the proof of travel or a duplicate boarding pass for the journey?

  5. mohd faheem Reply

    I came from Dubai to Hyderabad on 19-07-2012. I have a return ticket for hyd to Dubai on 29th September 2012. I want to shift the travel date to November 25th 2012. Please let me know if it is possible and how much would it cost? Thanks!

  6. sashi dutta Reply

    i did a transaction for airindia flight from kolkatta to tezpur…for four times it showed transaction is ticket was booked…but fifth time it was booked…but transaction from my account was for 4 extra times….what to do…customer care doesnt pick up the call…21k bucks scared…

  7. srinivas Reply


    i need a information about how to get certificate from your air India indicating the cost of return air fair by economy class by shortest route from Hyderabad to Vienna, Austria. please give the information as soon as possible.

    thanking you

  8. Hassan hyderi Reply

    hello. I am trying to talk to a customer rep who can help me solve my problem regarding my wife’s ticket. she came to china in december on a 6 months valid ticket now i want to extend her ticket and i have been calling the air india office since a week and no 1 answers my phone and when they do, they hang up in 2 mins and at times they say that this is not the right place to call, and they give me another number to call and when i call they dont answer the phone call. i dont know what the hell they do, they dont do the work they have been alloted. can some one please tell me what am i supposed to do to extend her ticket. need a quick reply. thank you

  9. Kishore Reply

    I am in Singapore. I booked my ticket from your travel agency (up & down).I had a return ticket for Hyderabad on April 14th 2012, I want to shift the travel date to Mar 1st. Please let me know if it is possible and how much would it cost? Thanks!

  10. umesh Reply

    I too a journey from Mumbai to Hyderabad Via flight No.AI50 on 6th oct.,2011. At Hyderabad airport we found one bag was missing. On enquiry, concerned authority told that our luggage will be delivered today morning. Still i have not received my luggage.

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