Contact Air India  in Dubai : Find below phone and address of Air India office in Dubai

P.O.Box 1701 Shaikh Rashid Bldg B-62 Al-Maktoum Street


00 971 4-2276787
00 971 4-2272377
(Ticketing Office)
00 971 4-2278767 (Sales)

Address 2:
CARGO OFFICE Office No. 3072 Cargo Village Dubai.



Dubai Airport

TRAFFIC OFFICE Departure Level, Dubai International Airport, Terminal 1 Flight Departure/ Arrival information


(009714) 2166801 2162800/1/2/3 2166666 2166666

About Air India / Indian Airlines
Based in Mumbai, Indian Airlines is a state owned major airline that is managed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. In the year 2005, Indian Airlines was rebranded as Indian. The airline operates closely with Air India. The airline started its operation on 1 August 1953. For more details on Indian Airlines visit the link here Contact Indian Airlines. For booking tickets online visit the website at

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  1. Dr Murtaza Najmi Reply

    Highly dissapointing service. No customer care support. Above address of office ( makhtoum) has been changed long back but no updated information. no phone number to call when in need. Worst service.

  2. Thomaskutty Reply

    I believe Air India is worst Airline as long as the customer service is concerned. They never pick up the phone and never reply to the emails. Its shameful for us as a proud Indian that our national carrier is so irresponsible and unprofessional. Their airline staff causes great damage to image of India. Are they aware of it. Or simply sitting on chairs doing nothing.
    These people should get sacked and new professional company or staff should get hired by the authorities.i am sure this email will remove same as before.

  3. Glitty Reply

    I am travelling in the flight Air India Express
    IX 435 from Cochin to Dubai and i need to know how much is the limit on the check in baggage as its not mentioned in the ticket.

    Also, there is an OK to Board needed so please do advice on what needs to be done in this case.


  4. Dileepkumar Reply

    Hi ,

    I just want to confirm the Luggage allowed. I am travelling from Sharjah to cochin (Air India ,AI 934), and its mentioned on my on line ticket that it only 30 kgs. Does it include hand bag?

    • Ranjith Reply

      For Air India in UAE contact 065970444….They will pick of your calls..

  5. Jayaraj Reply

    Very disappointing service. Nobody picks up the phone when dialed to Air India Office. I am afraid we are not serious about the services.

  6. Shabbir Reply

    Dear Air India

    How stupid a system is it? I’m trying to call on the given number from long time and it says its busy since 2 hours. Who will respond to the customer for assistance?


    Shabbir Khan

  7. Suryakanth Reply

    Hi, I need to know the departure terminal in Dubai, please confirm.
    Flight No. AI 984 from Dubai to Mumbai on 22nd May’2014 at 11:40 p.m

  8. Vevkat Reply

    Dear sir,
    I need hand luggage details and what are the items accepted in hand luggage. Please send mail.

  9. Intikhab Reply

    I believe Air India is worst Airline as long as the customer service is concerned. They never pick up the phone and never reply to the emails. Its shameful for us as a proud Indian that our national carrier is so irresponsible and unprofessional. Their airline staff causes great damage to image of India. Are they aware of it. Or simply sitting on chairs doing nothing.
    These people should get sacked and new professional company or staff should get hired by the authorities.

    • Nayeem Reply

      I have been calling to know for ticket change charges but nobody answering the phone.

      Note : Specially for Air India Staff & HR Department. They all have to take classes from Emirates Airlines Staff ( Ticketing & Crew Members )

  10. ahammed Reply

    Could you please let me know that I can carry holy “Zam Zam Water” as free of luggage from DXB to Calicut (AI-938) which I brought from Saudi after my Umrah. I am travelling on 29/07/2013.
    Your earliest rely in this regard will be highly appreciated.

  11. charles govias Reply

    AI staff need to be paid some special allowance for answering the telephone.
    This job of answering the phone can be allocated to physically handicapped people.
    They will surely do a better job answering the phone, different languages !

  12. Rohit Reply

    I want to know what are the charges for excess baggage when travelling from Dubai to Delhi.
    My flight is for tomorrow 24th oct.

  13. Linesh Nambiar Reply

    been trying to call AI landline no.s since 2 days., all it says is the agent is busy, bloody hell ! what are these agents busy with ?? majority of the flights are being canceled! Good Job AI staffs, you have really f****d the reputation of your own national career ! Staffs at AI get a life and do something better !

  14. rahmatullah Reply

    Air India has the worst service ever in dubai, no use for them to be in dubai, when we call their number no one picks up.

  15. John Reply

    Worst, pathetic airlines ever.
    Since morning im trying to call on the provided landline numbr and since im getting a message saying your agents are busy. Your flights are being cancelled, then what are ur agents busy with?

    • Eden Reply

      This airline should be banned from flying atleast in Dubai it has been a worst experience in my entire life. I am dealing with so unprofessional staff. No one is really taking any responsibility as they are paid even if they dont work. I have been trying them for a month to only change my ticket and written several email and tried to reach them.

  16. Muraleedharan Reply

    I was calling to Air India for many times to know if there is any change in the scheduled flight time ( flight no. AI 998 dated 03/07/2012). But I could not get any information about that. If some one know about this please reply.

  17. Mohd Iqbal Reply

    Very sorry to learn that Air India, does not have 24 hrs call centre number in Dubai. The online site is much worse. This airline has the worst customer support.

  18. vv rao Reply

    I booked my ticket from dubai to visakhapatnam on 16th of June 2012. So I just want to ask how much kg luggage is allowed to carry..I heard that from June 15th to July 15th the airline reduced 40 kg to 30kg .Pl clarify the same.

    Also I have a 32 Inch LED with me,can I carry that as well..will there be any addidtional charges for it..

    Thank You

    • Shaji Iype Reply

      I booked ticket from Dubai to Chennai on 30th June 2012 so I just want to ask how much kg luggage is allowed to carry. I heard that from June 15th to July 15th the airline reducted 40kg to 30kg.

  19. rassal Reply

    I booked my family ticket 1 adults & 1 child on 11 06 2012 dxb to ccj flight number ai938 13.30 pm, i want one more ticket same flight, Is it possible. if possible what is the charges. PLEASE REPLY ME EARLIEST

  20. Mohammed Reply

    I am planing to by ticket dxb to ixe for 30th june. Please confirm the luggage allowed.

  21. faisal Reply

    I have a booking in Air india from Sharjah to Cochin,is it possible to carry a 42 inch LED tv ? please reply.

  22. Ananda Salian Reply

    I have booked a E Ticket to my son from Mumabi to Dubai (Return) May 12 & June 3rd 2012.
    But your E Ticket does not showing in which Terminal flight is going to arrive Terminal 1 or 2.
    Secondly what is the baggage allwance. Pls revert me immediately.
    Thanks & regards

  23. Sathiya Reply

    Dear Sir ,

    Tourist visa has been issued online ( Dubai Visa ) and the passenger has to travel on 3 rd may from chennai to dubai in Air India , Since this is onlline issued visa , there is no original visa , PLease confirm us whether the copy of visa is ok to travel in Air India flight . Please reply urgent .

  24. Shanti Silveira Reply

    Hi I would like to know if my infant can travel with the maid from GOI to DXB without parents?Do I need to get permission from the airline?

  25. Ahmed Reply

    I am flying next month by flight AI984 from DXB to Mumbai,So I just want to ask how much kg luggage is allowed to carry..

    Also I would like to confirm that I have a 32 Inch LCD with me,can I carry that aswell..will there be any addidtional charges for it..

    Thank You

  26. afsal Reply

    I bought air india ticket for travelling from shj to ccj in economy class, now i want to know the total baggage allowed for me..

  27. Antonio Reply

    Sir, I am planning to travel to Goa from Dubai by first week of November, 2012. What are the maximum inches led TV does air India allows to carry along with you as a luggage while you travel, please reply. I have plans to carry 47 inches LG TV, will it work out for me.

    • Haridasan Reply

      Sir, I am planning to travel to Kozhikode from Dubai by 12th of April, 2012. What are the maximum inches led TV does air India allows to carry along with you as a luggage while you travel, please reply. I have plans to carry 42 inches Panasonic TV ( 29 kg ), will it work out for me.


  28. IMTIYAZ Reply

    Hi sir…I already booked ticket a month ago in air india from dubai to hyderabad. I purchased samsung 40 inches led , weight is around 25 kg .I just wanted to confirm with air india dept. that they will allow me to carry it as a lagguage or wht.. Plz urgent response needed…

    Thank & Regards

    • Mujeeb Reply

      @ Imtiyaz….
      40 or 42 inch LCD is not an can carry the same but have to give some tip at Hyderabad. May be around Rs. 1000/- Feb 7th i carried the same.. :)

  29. MANOHAR Reply

    i booked the ticket for DXB-HYD for 08th March,12… i like to cancel the ticket, where i have to contact to cancel the ticket in dubai

  30. Rajan Reply

    one passenger coming from cochin for new visa how can l give him a message..he is coming 12-02-2012

  31. felix Reply

    I have purchase an air india ticket for Dubai to Goa. It shows my max luggage as 20kg. Last year I was able to carr 40 kg.

  32. Jamaludheen Reply

    I booked tickets on 9.1.2012 for my family from CCJ to SHJ. But by mistake the booking happened twice with my credit card. I want to cancel one of it.

  33. Srini Reply

    Is it true that AI is extending its DXB-HYD flight up to VTZ from 15th of Jan 2012?

    If so when will the booking start


  34. Jawed Hassan Reply

    I booked the flight from Dubai to Patna via Delhi Economy dated 06/01/2012. Please advise me how much luggage i am allowed to carry.
    Please advise me that once i give luggage in Dubai i will get back in Patna or in Delhi.
    Waiting for your Reply.

  35. ZAKIUDDIN Reply

    Hi I have booked a flight from DXB to BOM & from BOM to IND (indore city) and i got a information that i can carry 40 + hand luggage….is it true… can anyone guide on that…??

    • javed Reply

      last year I went to patna from dubai on airindia via delhi,they allowed me to carry 40kg + 7 kg hand bag, but in domestic it is only 30 kg + 7 kg hand bag. However when u show international flight ticket/boarding pass they will allow 40kg+7kg hand bag.

  36. Fernandes Reply

    Dear Team,

    Please note that I would like to reschedule my booking from 14th dec 2011 to 17th or 18th dec 2011.

    Flight details as per below:-
    • AI 984 Wed, 14 Dec 2011 23:20 Dubai to Mumbai
    Please check if the schedule is available for 17th or 18th dec 2011 and also let me know if anything additional is to be paid.
    Please note the customer care lines are not working as I have been trying since past 2 hours but no use.

  37. Narendra Sampat Reply

    I would like to travel next week to Patna and understand there are no direct flights . Hence I would like to travel via Delhi along with my family. I can book ticket on line but while returning my family members are travelling on different dates. My query now is as follows:
    -Is it necessary that passenger has to book ticket with his/her credit card only?
    -While on transit in Delhi is it possible to collect luggage at Patna instead carry in Delhi? Is the customs formalities in Delhi or Patna? Note flight is still Air India through out.


  38. geomon Reply

    i like to know about how much baggage is allowed in air india for sharjah to cochin on december.. i book the ticket through internet by using visa card

  39. Kumar Natarajan Reply

    Dear Sirs,

    I have a booking for Dubai-Chennai-Dubai with the Flexi-saver fare (outbound 8th Dec and Inbound 17th Dec) which I would like to cancel. Unfortunately I am unable to locate the cancellation procedures on the Air India website. I tried reaching your Dubai office over phone but for unknown reasons nobody is answering the phone. Would appreciate your guidance.


  40. Akhilesh Reply

    I have booked online tickets for my family(Delhi – Dubai). One adult and one infant. Infant carrying orignal Visa and adult carrying photo copy of entry permit of dubai. Is it required for any other formality to be completed to make their journey hassle free.


  41. mohammed niyaz Reply

    I have booked my ticket through my credit card and i wanted change the traveler name.. is it possible
    please suggest me for the same.

  42. shishir athawle Reply

    Dear Sir,
    please advice what are the charges for rescheduling(date change) of the flight and how many hours before we can reschedule (date change) flight ticket which was booked I booked my flight from dubai to mumbai for 25th oct 2011 please advice.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      please read the cancellation or reschedule rules printed at the bottom of your ticket..else visit the website from where you made the booking..

  43. Natasha Reply

    The Air India call center is one of the worst :-
    1.Being an Indian Airline owned by the govt. the recording is only avail in English. Why not in hindi too.
    2. they say that your call is important to them but yet after holding on for 15 minutes without an agent coming on the line , the call disconnects automatically.
    3. I literally tried calling them for 1 full hour with no luck of being able to talk to an agent.
    No wonder Air India is losing money !…….nobody can get thru to book or even get any details frm them.
    Sad !

  44. Nijas Ummer Reply

    i purchased ticket through online on 29th september from DXB to Calicut (CCJ). can anyone advice the luggage that i can carry

  45. Mohammed Reply

    I tried to purchase the tkt online
    i put all information required but while
    confirmation which is last stage i press
    to purchase it gave me error message as
    “An error occurred during booking. Please phone the business admin quoting reference AIBE1760398”.
    What is this message and why it is not accepting i tried 3 to 4 times same msg with different reference no. is coming.


    I would like to know how much kilo’s are allowed as check-in luggage from dxb to mumbai ?
    Also from mumbai to dxb ?

  47. Shraddha Arora Reply

    I travelled on DEL-DXB AI flight and they have lost my luggage (Surprising keeping in mind it was a direct flight)…can someone help me on how to go about it?

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      it will be at the airport..just call up the baggage support..where was ur destination? delhi or dubai?

  48. Fernandes Reply

    Hi There,

    i just wants to confirm the Luggage allowed. i am travelling from DXB to GOI, its mentioned on my on line ticket that it only 20 kgs. is it true ????

  49. Raja Das Reply

    I hope you are doing good.

    I would like to inquire about fare difference. I am travelling from Dubai to Patna on 30th September via Delhi and coming back on 12th October 2011. I would like to book ticket now so that I get better rate.

    But if required I might have to stop down at Delhi, this I will come to know only after 2 weeks. If I have to stay in Delhi for 2 days and then proceed to Patna on 2nd October , what will difference in fare be?

    How much will Air India charge for this change?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      this should be easy if you are booking from the website..however try reaching the Air India call center for precise details..

  50. tariq azeem Reply

    I need to know the arrival terminal in DUBAI? Flight no. (A1) 995 from delhi to Dubai on 14th July.

  51. kar2011 Reply

    Hi i booked ticket for 3rd july 11.30 flight ,dxb to chennai,in my ticket it is mentioned i can carry 20 kg,

    please confirm the baggage size as emirates and jet airways allows 30+10, air india doesnt?

  52. Mahesh Salian Reply

    Dear Friend

    I have booked family ticket can it be postpone till furter date.


    • CCC - Sam Reply

      of course you can..if there are any fare difference you will have to pay..

  53. ashok Reply

    I booked my family ticket 2 adults & 1 child through web on 28.6.11 from dubai to mumbai, now i want to change to 29.6.11. Is it possible. if possible what is the charges of changing date

  54. Dharmesh Reply

    from dubai to mumbai flight AI 956 IS OPERATING ON IT’S CORRECT TIME ?

    • Tony Reply

      My friend go ahead and book your ticket as earliest as possible

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